[ANSWERED] potential uncommon fix for micro stuttering in forza 7 on pc

Ok so i have tried billions of different fixes across two different systems for the micro stuttering that me and a lot of other users face with the game. I have spent hours upon hours of looking at other users fixes as well and trying them out with little to no help at all. put simply i have tried so many different things that you can say i have even tried running the game with my cpu out… to give you an idea of how many different things i have tried to fix it. Trying to figure this out is very difficult when sometimes the game will work flawlessly and other times it starts right up with the micro stuttering . Most of the fixes i see on here say change affinity and or raise priority. Or say change x vaule in nvidia control panel or amd cataclyst. Now this other potential fix that i stumbled across today i have not seen it mentioned anywhere not once on these forums. I even tried googling the fix the best way i could and did not turn anything up on it as well. After doing this potential fix i ran a couple of races and only encountered maybe 6 very brief and almost unnoticeable stutters. Note these were not short races they were ran on nurburging with 2 laps each. Now for me most of the time the stuttering is immediate and constant throughout the entire race as soon as i start the game. And yes this has been the case across two different system’s. One with an i5-7300HQ and an gtx 1050 and the other with a ryzen 1500 and a gtx 1060. So the only similarity within them is nvidia although this fix is not dependent on one or the other for it is within windows 10.

Fix: In windows 10 there is a new setting called graphics that allows you to set graphic performance on a per app basis. And as i said i have tried so many different things so i said to myself why the hell not? Lets try it. This is how i did it step by step. In your windows search bar type in graphics. It should be listed as the first result and under it it should say system settings. You will see where it says chose an app to set preference, click it and select universal app, another drop down menu that says select an app should appear, click it and scroll down or up to find forza 7 and click it, now it should list forza below everything else, click it and you will see options and remove, click options and select high performance and press save.

Notes: I do have to say i am skeptical on this working as a permanent fix. Mainly because there was a few micro stutters, (but as i stated above it was only a few and it was not continuous as it normally is),
but also because there has been times where i thought i fixed it just for it to come back as strong as ever with no changes whatsoever being made since the last time i had played it.

Hopefully this can be a true fix. As for most of the fixes seem to only help one or two people or not help anyone but the person who mentioned the fix. Or it may fall into that same category where it only seems to have helped me and maybe bob.


I have stutters during cut scenes, loading scenes e.t.c. During race - no. Tried your method - no luck, still have micro stutters (But only in mentioned earlier situations). I believe all the problems in the PC version isn’t on the players side. Devs should do a little investigation and fix this once and for all.

Mate, how much time it takes to load the game (until TURN 10 Intro) for you?

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loading the game from clicking the app icon till i get to the menus probably only takes 2 minutes maybe a little less or more but i also have it installed on a 5400rpm hdd.

and when you said you are still stuttering in menus but no race. im a little confused on that. so are you saying you only have stuttering in the menus? if so i think that is kind of expected sometimes tbh. i even remember older forza titles having buggy menus on the older model’s of xbox one such as forza 6. so the only thing im saying this helped me with was in game stuttering. but i also have to do more testing to make sure it actually did help in some way. so im going to try playing it again tonight and see if its the same as it was last night. normally when the stutters happen for me it is apparent right from the start. like as soon as i load the first race and go around a few corners it will start stuttering and never stops. and yes ultimately turn 10 and or Microsoft need to fix the issue but as for now i was just throwing out something that might help as it seems like it has for me… and that has not already been mentioned a thousand and one times. and on the note of the buggy menus it does seem like some funny stuff is going on with it. like for some reason when i go in to one menu and go back real quick part of the menu tiles will be missing.

and also from my research on this i feel like i can almost guarantee it is not a driver or hardware related issue because as i have mentioned and a lot of other people have mentioned… sometimes the game works perfectly but then the next day when you go to play its the same crap all over again. and i don’t know about you or anyone else but im almost certain people are not changing their graphic card settings or over clocks on a daily bases… i know im not. and for anyone who might want to say its your overclock! well in my case it cant be because as i stated this is on two different system’s one is a gaming laptop and there is no way to overclock it…

It didn’t help at all. Still a stutterfest.

sorry to hear that man although it does seem to have helped me. and im wondering if its because maybe the microsoft store sets universal apps to some kind of power saving mode by default. is your game installed through the Microsoft store? is there any other way to install it besides the microsoft store? other then by pirating it of course. because i bought mine in the microsoft store so by default its installed as a universal app. when you changed it to high performance did you do it through an universal app? or by selecting its exe?

I set it as UWP as that is the type of app it is. I got to admit that I had some hope for this fix as I didn’t know about these individual app graphics settings previously. I already set my Windows and Nvidia power settings for max performance. This game has always had stuttering issues on all of my PC setups. The stuttering is the worst it has ever been IMO. I generally just avoid playing the game because of it and play the Assetto Corsa or Project Cars games instead.

yeah man i figured a lot of people wouldin’t know about the new graphic settings thing and that is why i labeled it as an uncommon fix. i am a + certified or at least i was when windows 7 was still the main os so i have a good knowledge of the inner workings of windows and spend a great deal of time getting familiar with the new changes in windows 10 for if i ever decide to re certify, but also just because i love tinkering with computers in general. and yeah that is the funny thing about it. it happens across two different systems as well for me. and a lot of fixes i have seen claim it to be due to an unstable overclock but that can hardly be the case considering the gaming laptop i have has no way to be overclocked and im sure its the same for a lot of other users as well. and even though i can overclock the graphics card on the laptop i chose not to mess with that either nor do i have my graphics card overclocked on my desktop with it being a single fan cooler. but the thing about both my graphics cards is they are both nvidia. so it could be something within nvidia. and before i swapped out the radeon 580 i had for a gtx 1060 i do want to say i don’t recall it stuttering the couple of times i played it before taking that card back to the store to swap it out. . but i am not entirely sure if that is true or not.

I am hoping this fix does help somebody else but so far it has not helped you or the other guy who posted, but i have gone back to try the game again and it seems to be the same since the last time i changed the setting. because beforehand it always varied. like i would play it and it worked perfectly only to go back a day or two later and it was the same bs stuttering, but after this last time playing it i didin’t get any stutters although the sound from the rev did get stuck a couple of times and last time i had that issue it was due to an old crappy slow hdd. so perhaps the new hdd i got is starting to wear out as well or is simply not fast enough to handle this game properly.

if you don’t mind will you go over a few things with me? and ill tell you what i have that is similar to you. nobody seems to really do this. they just say it did not work or it did but nobody ever seems to compare things to try to spot out what could be causing it for so many other people and with your help i want to try to do that.

do you run the game on an ssd or a hdd? and if you do run it on a hdd what is the speed of it?
do you run an nvidia card or an amd card?
as far as you are aware is the windows 10 version you have the latest? which is version 1809.

maybe we can start with these 3 basic things and compare them to one another. if you need help finding any of these out just let me know.

I run all my games on SSD and it is separate from the SSD the OS is installed on.
Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti
Latest version of Windows, drivers, firmware and BIOS.

Full specs:

Case: Fractal Design Define R5
PSU: Corsair RM 850x
MOBO: Z390 Gigabyte Aorus Pro
CPU: i9 9900K
Cooler: Arctic Liquid Freezer 360
RAM: 16GB DDR4 3200 Dual Channel G.SKILL Ripjaws V
GPU: RTX 2080 Ti Zotac AMP
Monitor: Alienware AW3418DW (3440x1440/120hz G-Sync)
4 SSDs (3 TB total)
Soundcard: Soundblaster ZxR
Speakers: M-Audio BX8 D2
Headphones: AKG K702 65th Anniversary
Amp: Schiit Magni 2
Mic: Blue Yeti
Mouse: Razer DeathAdder Elite
Keyboard: Logitech G710+
Wheel: Logitech G920

I am an enthusiast and have been PC gaming since the 80s. :slight_smile:

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dang man nice system lol i threw something together with parts from a local micro center with some of the tax money me and my fiance had left over after getting stuff for our wedding lol.

ryzen 1600 @ 3.9ghz
2667mhz ripjaws ddr4 16gb
gtx 1060 6gb
256 nvme ssd for os
2 tb 5400 rpm hdd (took it out of gaming laptop lol) )
windows 10 pro version 1809
b450 gigabyte aorus pro wifi mobo (not the best overclocking features but has built in wifi lol)

i built this rig for less then 700 dollars and got two free 60 dollar games out of it. i originally got a radeon 580 but it had some strange issues and when i took it back they said the sku did not match up even though i bought it brand new sealed in box. so i think some funny stuff went on with it before i even got it. they even said it was showing some other guy had bought it before me, but luckily they still refunded me for it and i put a little extra money towards the gtx 1060 but i got to keep the two free games that came with the 580. i find it really sketchy though that somehow somebody else bought it before me but it was sold to me as a brand new item. so when i got the gtx 1060 i opened it up with the guy at customer service to make sure the sku’s matched before i left. i was pretty pissed about the whole thing.

but yeah just as i expected the only thing we have in common with our systems is NVIDIA. i just wish i remember whether or not the radeon 580 had the same issue. like i said it was giving me weird issues with the screen randomly going green when adjusting graphic settings in game and then losing signal all together until i unplugged the hdmi cable and put it back in. so that was like the only main thing i was paying attention to and spent a full week trying to figure it out before taking it back. im just glad i did take it back considering what i found out when i took it back. the guy at customer service was acting like he wasn’t going to exchange it but i told him i had just bought everything on the receipt a week ago and it was all brand new. he called his manager over and she happened to be the same lady who had checked us out that last week and refunded it for me.

Glad to hear that you were able to sort out the issue with the 580 and get a 1060. I have only ever owned one Radeon GPU and it was a 9700 Pro I bought when Half-Life 2 came out. It was defective and I had to RMA it twice over the time that I owned it. I never bought Radeon again. Nvidia has always been good to me with no hardware issues. I don’t know if the stuttering is a driver issue with Nvidia or what, but it is very frustrating as I do not tolerate performance issues. Why Turn 10 and Nvidia can’t sort this out is beyond me. Forza Horizon 4 is a much more demanding game and runs flawlessly on my system. Turn 10 needs to use Playground Games as a resource to fix the issue.

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hey when trying to comapre things between our systems i noticed you said you run the game on a separate ssd… could that possibly have something to do with it? because i have forza 7 running on a hdd separate from the os. maybe it has something to do with how the page file works for forza. i hear some games use the page file even if you have plenty of ram to spare. so im wondering if maybe there being no page file on the second drive (which is the way its set up by default.) is causing some kind of issues with this particular game. i wonder if more people can read this and say they have it setup the same way. next year with tax returns i plan on upgrading to at least a 1tb nvme ssd for my main os and i plan on trying to put forza on it so it can stay and operate within the os. [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D].

We are currently working on a fix for this issue as we are starting to see a rise in this issue happening. if you would please submit a ticket: https://support.forzamotorsport.net/hc/en-us/requests/new so we can investigate further

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Thank you, finally

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i really really really hope yall are. this game would be a masterpiece in the racing genre if it were not for these issues. and i will not be buying another forza game until i see that they fix this one. part of me wants to get forza horizon 4 but after dealing with this on this game for almost two years now its safe to say i have lost a lot of trust for the developers of the game and like i said will not be buying any other forza game ever until i see they care enough to fix this one. its aggravating because the game is very good when its not behaving in this broken state, yet is in said broken state every other time you go to play it.

I have a separate page file on each of my drives and I have allocated up to 24GB on each one.

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mmmmkay… i do not have two different page files for each one of my drives as far as im aware its not necessary, but was wondering if it is for this game somehow. but from what you just said it does not make a difference either way. although since i have been responding to you my game still seems to have stopped stuttering in game. are you using the static graphic settings? and not the dynamic bs? and have you made sure to update the game through the microsoft store? if you select that drop down menu in the top right corner you can tell it to check for updates on all the uwp apps at once and it will include forza into the mix.

I have tried dynamic and static settings. Same thing. I just ordered some new RAM yesterday as my current RAM was a carry over from a previous build. New RAM is DDR4 3600 CL15 G.SKILL TridentZ. It has a good balance of speed and tight timings. Going to see if that makes a difference.

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I don’t know if the issue is the same, but at least here, the game drops frames if I’m playing in 60FPS with the monitor refresh rate set to 120. In-game VSYNC setting doesn’t help.

I’ve come across this when trying to enable ULMB.

The two only ways of having smooth 60 FPS gameplay are:

1 - G-SYNC
2 - Drop monitor’s refresh rate to 60

The downside is ULMB can’t be used.

This problem doesn’t happen in Forza Horizon 4. Game can run in 60 FPS, monitor at 120, and ULMB on.

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my micro stutters are so small the fps graph barely picks up on it
i also went from 60-75hz fast sync to gsync (freesync panel) and no change

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@dannieboy255, I, much like you, ran through the gambit of not working ideas. I must say, this fixed about 90% of the studdering. My issues were so bad the game would hang for seconds on end both during loading screens and game play in addition to studdering. Once, I followed through, it studdered at a much less rate for the first few minutes of game play, and then cleared up by 90% at least. The game is playable for me for now. However, Ill see what Turn 10 does with this, as this is a WIndows setting and game issues for certain. ~Doc Holiday

Strix Laptop
1070 GTX

**Update: Well, worked until I came back to it. Now, map rendering lags. Forza 7 will even freeze for seconds at a time. Yet, Forza Horizon 4 runs flawlessly.

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