[ANSWERED] (PC) Unsuccessful Launch of App since bought


I’ve read every single thread relating to this, also reading the many fixes that have helped others but no avail for me.

So i bought the digital play anywhere download. Redeemed this on my PC and downloaded the 95GB download and the Hoonigan DLC which came with it.

Since installation the problem has not once changed. Click the app, splash screen shows with the Forza 7 Porsche with Xbox Live heading then closes. Generally it closes within 5 seconds or less.

My Spec:

Windows 10 1709
i7 4790k
Nvidia 1050Ti Drivers: 388

*No software / Overclocking software / bloatware ware installed. Just a virgin install of Windows 10 and up to date drivers
*Once installed suddenly Horizon 3 suffered the same issue.
*Game is installed on an external hard drive due my OS running on a smaller capacity SSD
*Installed on Xbox One, plays fine with all the horrible glitches that comes with that.

I’ve tried the following, in order of most recent.

  1. Deleted the DLC and reinstalled

  2. Uninstalled the game and reinstalled the game - A total of 3 times

  3. Created a local account to try the app

  4. Downgraded Nvidia Drivers to last, second to last and third to last versions.

  5. Reset of apps: Xbox, Forza, Windows Store. I’ve done this both whilst being logged in to Xbox and Windows Store a swell as logging out of those apps first too.

  6. Run troubleshooter for apps


  8. Checked that Windows Services are running and automatic - they were and are

  9. Created a Dxdiag File and Looked for THP Files, there arent any.

  10. Checked Event Log see results here:

  11. Spoke with Windows and Xbox Support, both advised they couldn’t help and that the Turn 10 needs to resolve the issue.

  12. Reinstalled Windows 10 fresh and updated to 1709

  13. All of the above points were also done before i reinstalled windows 10

14…probably many other things since the release date but i cannot remember right now, i’ll update when i do!

Does anyone have any idea what is going on and any other possible fixes? £50.00 for the basic game and i’ve not been able to play it on my PC a single time.


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Have you sent this information over to forzafb@microsoft.com?

Yes over a week ago, with no reply.

Hello? Any support here?