[ANSWERED] (PC) Game is running terribly after Windows Update


I recently did the fall creators update on my PC and for some reason Forza is running especially terrible now… The menus are choppy, races are choppy ( 140 fps down to 50 dps randomly ) but the game has not crashed yet which I guess is a plus. I also have issues with the game just freezing on the menus in a race lobby online which is also new because it used to just crash to desktop before.

The game is running so poorly that I dont even want to play it which is pretty sad since I paid 149$ CAD for the game and Im probably passed my refund window. Does anyone else have these issues? Anyone have a fix??

6700k 4.2ghz
gtx 1080 strix
165 hz 1440p monitor
16gb of ram

Running on default or custom settings changes nothing for me…


I have similar specs to the OP and suffer the exact same, there is obviously an inherent bug in their game engine which has never been fixed since the PC version of Apex.

Other racing games Do Not behave in this manor, this is amateur programming dressed up with pointless bells and whistles not required for a racing game.

Cant see you coming back from this one Turn 10, not on PC anyway !!

I have a thread explaining similar problem as you. Since Windows 10 Fall Update the game is running very poorly

Open up “Game Bar” when you run Forza, (Win+G) key. then click the button to disable game-mode.

Game Mode used to be in “Windows Settings” at the “Gaming” section, but since the new update they put this option in the Windows Game-Bar.

My copy on PC is still crashing after faal update, almost every race after a few laps…

uninstalling and re-installing the add-ons (VIP, car packs etc) can help with some of the performance issues and crashing. I did this as I couldn’t even start the game after the Fall update…

Ok so just an update… I did notice that changing the targeted performance framerate in the advanced settings to 60fps ( no vsync ) helped with the constant frame drops / stuttering but I still get some choppy races and massive frame drops here and there but its still a lot better.

I am at work right now and I am going to try disabling game mode later, I thought it was off already and didn’t realize you need to enable the gamebar and disable it while in game.

Hey everyone,

For crashes please read the new sticky thread: My game crashed! How to report? - Community Support - Forza Motorsport Forums

If you were not having any issues before the Windows update, could you roll back to the previous version and see if that helps? I know its not ideal by any means, Im just wondering if you’d be ok with doing so in order to play.