[ANSWERED] [PC] 100% Reproducible Memory Leak (TURN 10 STOP IGNORING PC PLAYERS)

Upgrades menu. You’d have to be dumb to miss it, but it’s still not on the known issues thread. What gives Turn 10?


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Any one else notice their “system” process to skyrocket to 50-80% when the game freeze/crashes?

The game normally maxes 1 or 2 cores (2 cores in my case) to 100% while it’s running at all times. I think there was even an article explaining why, but i didn’t get to read it.

Yeah, when my game is about to crash I notice “System” using 100% of my HDD.

BUMP STILL NOT IN KNOWN ISSUES. This is annoying as HELL. >:(

EDIT: Video of the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7p6Bvb2ZKdU


I don’t think they are deliberately ignoring you. I think they are probably too busy trying to fix said problems. For one, I’d rather they used all their time doing that than taking a lot of it to respond every time a bug report came up. Wouldn’t you?

Being completely unable to upgrade cars or paint them without the game crashing should be a bigger priority than pretty much anything on the list. Yet it’s still not on the list. This tells me it’s going to take a very very long time to fix which is why they don’t want to talk about it. It’s frustrating.


This occurs when picking cars aswel.

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You can’t justify any issues being fixed before this, it’s an issue that will make it nearly impossible to upgrade your car how you wish without going through at least one crash.

The game has been out for over a week and this has been an issue from the launch so the fact that they haven’t even given any sort announcement about this huge issue leads me to believe they ether don’t know it exists somehow or don’t care at all

I’m pretty sure (99%) that the memory leaks occurs for everyone. It is extremely easily reproducible, while browsing colors in paint mode from left to right, the game will fill RAM and crash in less than 1 min. This needs at the very least to be acknowledged. Just list it as known issue would be good faith. I’m waiting for this to be fixed before I play, not being able to paint or upgrade without fear, or in this case absolute certainty of crashing is honestly hardly excusable for a AAA 69$ title. How this got away from QA is beyond me… Really not trying to be a jerk here, but this is a major issue.


they took their time to fix fh3 on pc only after a year or so, so don’t get your hopes up
i got forza cup and gave up on playing it further on, no point, constant ctd’s became more cancerous than memory leak, it’s just happens completely random, whether you have a leak or not
the fact that xbox one has multiple different issues and most content is under “coming soon”, which is supposed to be out with the final game, kind of hard to call it like that in it’s current state, more like pre-alpha, heck i’ve seen less bugs in some pre-alpha’s that i played within years
gonna grab me some ps4 and gts instead

Whats a bit strange is that a lot of people complain about memory leak on pc and they open new topics but no one is replying nor do they add this to the KNOWN ISSUES topic…

This should be an issue of TOP priority because its so frustrating. It takes some of the biggest things to do away… tuning, painting and choosing cars…


This is beyond incompetent.
Before the last patch the game was crashing due to the memory leaks in the customization after a while, when browsing rims. But now, It crashes EVERY SINGLE TIME I go into the upgrades menu or paint menu, making the game time-wasting pain to play.
Well, atleast we’ve got the Forza Edition cars ‘‘fixed’’ Am I right guys ?

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This is definitely should be their TOP PRIORITY! My system always use 100% of my Disk and then the game starts to crash! They need to put this problem as the highest priority in the known issues! It is ruining the entire gaming experience!


Let’s say the devs would respond to all the bug reports, user creates forum topic “MEMORY LEAK!! FIX IT” … a dev would respond… few minutes later a new topic appears “I FOUND A MEMORY LEAK!” dev respond again, 10 minutes later “I KEEP CRASHING IN UPGRADE MENU BECAUSE MEMORY LEAK!” etc etc.

like half of the people if not more don’t even bother to search on the forums for something that’s already reported multiple times or a existing problem. Must people just yell and that’s it.

For several reasons, this is not FREE TO PLAY game, game is in unfinished state, like literally, some content is missing “coming soon”, game obviously never passed QA, at least on pc
i doubt there were ever an alpha test let alone beta, unless they had like 1tb of ram and tested it just for couple of hours
Until they fix this crap that people paid money for this section should be flooded with topics like this

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CTD getting worse by the day. PLEASE FIX.

You can create 100 pages more of the same topic on this forum, yelling louder, it won’t change a thing, you won’t make the devs go faster or anything, but you guys don’t seem to get that.