[ANSWERED] Only splash screens have audio now

Just after installing the most recent update to add the festival play-list stuff, I booted up the game and found that the audio is all gone, there’s no music on the main menu, no gameplay audio, nothing… only the two splash screens as the game boots up have audio.
I tried searching around on the forums for similar issues and found something sort of similar, but cutscenes having audio for someone else. They had apparently solved it by enabling audio enhancements (which I had disabled about a week ago because of lagging, crackling and distorted audio in several games and my web browser), so I tried re-enabling audio enhancements and that did nothing, I still have no audio in FH4.

have you tried re-installing the title?

I haven’t, it’s currently uninstalled.
If at some point you make the Festival Playlist leave less of a bad taste in my mouth I might consider reinstalling it.