[ANSWERED] Online Adventure Series 7 is BROKEN

I can’t complete an Online Adventure without magically being disconnected at the end. Waste 45 mins of my life to make progress towards your stupid little cars to be rewarded with NOTHING. "YOUVE BEEN DISCONNECTED” suddenly at the end of a FIVE RACE SERIES!!! Thanks guys!!!

I uninstalled and downloaded and reinstalled this game just like they tell you in other threads. It doesn’t work.


Wellcome to new Forza Horizon 4 - Update 7


Update number 7
Disconnect number 700


the same happens to me

Try changing your DNS to & OR & I did it both in widows and in my modem. Have not been disconnected since.

How to change your DNS in Win 10:

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dont change your dns. this is a known issue as they told me in a reply to my ticket. half of all players or experiencing this

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Yes. It’s a patch problem. Playing from launch. Never had this problem. Now 6 days in row can’t finish playground games and trial. Constant disconnect.

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This issue seems to be isolated to FFA Adventure. Some players have had success changing DNS settings.

@JU1CE Cannon: I am experiencing this issue in Ranked games as well, but not consistently.

Sometimes I can play either for several hours with no issue, and then all of a sudden, the disconnects just start, and keep coming.

(Fast internet, good connection, cold restarts, etc etc.) . Nothing I do seems to start it or stop it. The game has a mind of its own (lol)

another day has passed and after a normal TA which i won five out of 5 i get disconnected before my rewards :frowning: [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] is going on its been like this since the march update. also not got my Porsche for 100% completion of summer ?

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Disconnections are now ridiculous in ranked and un-ranked, I just want to play online. I play unranked as I don’t want to wait 30mins to be matched, I’ll get S2 dirt (oh joy) and play it knowing that I’ll be playing next adventure from beginning - 20 minutes of fishtailing and disappearing into the woods later and I get disconnected :frowning:

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I changed my DNS and have not had an issue. I’m now getting CR, influence and ranked progression.

Also, I heard they are changing the 100% completion requirement to 80%. Fret not collectors, you’ll be made whole.

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