[ANSWERED] November Patch Bugs (Xbox One)

Hello everyone,

since the latest update there encountered a couple of strange and disturbing bugs:

  • After races the money counter sound starts early and won’t disappear. The sound continues during races. It happens frequently during career mode.

  • The Ferrari FXX K and other cars like the 90’s Ferrari F1 lose their red color in races. They turn grey.

  • The Ferrari F40 makes strange noises during shifting and letting go of the accelerator. It sounds like driving over cobblestones and it’s very loud. Happened to me on Lime Rock Park.

I hope it can be fixed soon. Thank you.

Greetings from Germany


If you wait for the creditsXP to finish counting down rather than clicking next straight away, the sound doesn’t carry on. Either that or instead of going to the next race, go back to the menu screen, and that stops it too.

The money counter sound is starting and hanging before I even click anything after a race and it is not happening every race. When it does happen I back all the way out to the main menu tiles to make the sound stop.

Also the Drivatards are super aggressive now and are driving off the track in a lot of new places. I have seen P1 and X class F1 drivatards drive off so fast that they hit the tire barriers and send tires flying everywhere . I have seen P1 drivatards hit another P1 and drive right under it and sending the car they hit into the air. It is crazy how aggressive they are driving. Maybe the AI aggression setting was switched back to the correct function.

I haven’t even tried the auction house yet. I have a feeling I will be removing more than 400 cars from my garage rather than having the ability to sell them. I do want to try adding parts to free cars and then try to sell them.

I am able to go into the auction house under deals, elite designs and featured. If I try to use the plain auction house tab where you ender parameters my game freezes every time. I have also had the4 money counter issue as well.

The game received an update today. The money counter bug still exists…

yesterday’s patch fixed the issue where single players could earn multiplayer achievements… Didn’t actually fix anything in the game though

Same here with the car color changing bug… I took the SLS to the test track, stock metallic red color, and it took a matte grey color when I landed on track, even though it’s supposed to be one of the metallic grey finishes… the metallic and even sometimes gloss paintjobs look like matte paintjobs. The orange peel effect now just looks sad while racing.

As for the F40 off-throttle exhaust gurgle, it has been exaggerated since FM6. You will notice that the exhaust gurgle and crackling is really loud on some cars, which is cool, but there’s very little loudness on the bass (from engine/exhaust) when you floor it. Dynamic frequency range is all over the place for cars. Downright pathetic and unacceptable standards from a Forza game.

Hi Everyone,

These things are already being looked at and already have posts for them.

Thank you