[ANSWERED] No sound what so ever Xbox One

I came across a serius problem my sound just dissapeard and i have uninstalld tgmhe game and reinstalled it with no result

One S two Ps.

Just One

Have you tried to hard reset your xbox? (hold the power button down for 10 seconds) Have you tried to use a different HDMI Cable?

Let me know.

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Yes i did try that and it did not help

No but how can hdmi cable not working for just one game

Have you tried adjusting the sound bars in game?

After the update I noticed my sound was very minimal. Luckily I just had to adjust the master game volume.


I followed a link on the forum and read something about the slider so i put it on defoult and it worked but the next problem is that the game mute the sound when i reset it to my settings

Ok, Do you hear any audio at the start up of the game or is it muted the whole time?

Has anyone fixed the problem with Motorsports 7 sound on XBOX One when racing? Sound works great in the beginning, but the minute you go to race, no sound. After the last update is when the problem started.

Got this now as well. Tried everything (Even resetted my entire Xbox) but nothing worked…

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