I have a 2TB Xbox One S and the game crashes every single day at various points of gameplay.


I’ve had mine crash once and it was the same as FM6 and H3. It seems to happen when I go “too fast” in the vinyl creator…

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Welcome to the party pal.

Mine crashes several times a day. Regular ole xbone here.

The future of gaming…

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Mine does it when I am designing on the car. It’s annoying but knowing Turn 10 is working flat out on it makes it worth waiting.

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Thanks everyone for replying, glad to hear I’m not just crazy.

Not any better on PC :slight_smile: Crashes each day here to :slight_smile:

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For me, it’s consistent with the Honda Prelude, 2000. If I scroll past it in the garage, crash. Also anything to do with Yas Marina circuit. Can’t freeplay or career mode that track, crashes on loading screen. Also can’t resume a series no matter what circuit I left off at, resuming a series is a crash. Among many, many other problems like lag in menus and freezing during vinyl work.

to me, a crash is a totally frozen screen/sound that I have to hard shut down from or very-laggy Home screen (xbox button) my way out of. Freezing to me is when all inputs from me make no difference and the game is “stuck” but not frozen, character swaying, music playing, etc. and I xbox button back out to home screen. Not sure if those are “correct” terms.


Playing on the Xbox One. Some of my career races just say loading race. But never do. And some races like the SUV one in teir 2 just crash when I try do those races. How am I supposed to progress in this game? I’ve had every single Forza and never had trouble like this. It really sucks spending all that money and not being able to play.

Same here, on PC, I have yet to go a single session playing this game without it crashing. Does it mostly during races for me, which was super exciting on lap 44 of 50 at Daytona.


Regular Xbox One here…game crashes on startup and will shut down the xbox. I see the Turn 10 logo at the start of the game, then a black screen, then the xbox shuts off.

Power it back up, restart the game, sometimes it starts up, other times, it crashes again.

I am logged onto Xbox Live when this happens.

I didn’t have any crashing issues until this patch today; now every NASCAR race I do crashes either during the race or in the rewards screen.

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Haven’t had a crash on the PC while racing. Only had it crash once while changing cars in between races and that’s it. Having less crashes on PC than console may be a first. lol

Had a crash last night off the car collection screen. I guess I spent too long there. Was surprised as I’ve almost never experienced this before with Forza on XB1. Maybe three full crash to dash experiences in the last 5 years.

W10 PC here. Crashes many times per day :confused: Looking forward to get this fixed.

my game freezes constantly on Xbox one launch version original xbox one. i get to the first limo bowling even and it crashes and boots me to home screen. Ive tried what seems like everything and it always crashes about 1/3 through the event. very let down by the inability to play the game.

The game crashes every 20-30 minutes without any error. FH3 and APEX work pretty well without any error or crash

W10, daily crashes here too. Superfun when you finish an endurance and the game flips the finger…
“Glad” to see xbox users are facing the same problems.
My windows log is full of critical error reports about FM7, but the microsoft tech site doesn’t recognise the issue xD
It seems like many people have the same problems since days…

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Fresh win10 pro install. Same here. Crashing every hour or so. Usually while in the menus, or after getting end of race rewards. Buggiest Forza in the series, has been my experience.

The game is very stable for me, until I enter multiplayer. The game freezes mid race and throws me back the the Xbox dashboard or the race starts and I start before anybody else with no sound. I usually get at most 3 races before 1 of these issues shows up. I get a huge amount of lag when selecting a car in multiplayer too.

Just adding to the list of ppl having issues with game crashes with this game. Windows 10 here. It’s fairly random when the game will crash. Sometimes, I’ll have the game open for no less than 10 minutes, and it’ll crash midway through a race. Sometimes it’ll crash before the race even loads. Makes me not want to play the game. Hopefully, they fix this soon