[ANSWERED] Map not loading


in the Forza Horizon 4 Demo, the map isn’t loading fast enough or unloads just right in front of me.
This leads me and the NPC drivers to just crash into a “invisible” wall.

Windows 10 Pro N (Media Feature Pack installed), Version 1803, Build 17134
Graphics Driver Version 399.24 (latest available)
GTX 1070
i5-6600k @4.4 GHz
The game is installed on a SSD.
The game is running default settings (Preset Ultra)

DxDiag: https://pastebin.com/6dSPpj18

Example Screenshot:

Edit: Just checked Horizon 3: Everything running fine, also with dynamic optimization on ultra.

Thanks for reading / helping :slight_smile:


Can you please email forzafb@microsoft.com with a screen shot of your benchmark results?

Thank you

I’ll do that. In the mean time I will try to find out which setting(s) exactly are causing this, as it runs good on the medium preset.

Fix? i have this problem…

Have you by any chance solved this issue. I am having the same exact problem on my PC and my PC isn’t bad. I used to have the same problem on Forza Horizon 3’s demo, but I had no problems with the full version.

Exact same issue here!

Windows 10 Pro
Graphics Driver Version 399.24 (latest available)
GTX 1070
i5-4690k @4.0 GHz
The game is installed on a HDD
The game is running default settings (Preset Ultra)

This is happening to me too. I have pretty much the exact same pc set up and settings. I tried running the benchmark 3 times and it crashed to the desktop every time when it was about to start. Not good.

I have not contacted the email adress yet. Will do after work.

I will update here when I get a response.

Also having this issue, however it is just the road that does not load in when im driving on it. In other words I drive offroad with no problem.
When I run the benchmark it has no problem with loading and is working fine.
I have 32GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB SSD, 1060 6GB, i5 6300HQ. Should not be a problem.

Same here.

16GB RAM DDR4, GTX 1080, i7 6770K.

Same here

Game installed on HDD. WIndows on SSD.

24GB RAM DD3, i5 4670k, GTX1070Ti

I have same issue. Something with game options, the game works very well on Ultra settings with 60fps, but the game won’t load the map. Setting all to medium works, but the game don’t look good.


Nvm it just happend again, if i set my ingame settings to 144hz the map disappers but with 47 hz ‘for some weird reason’ it don’t happend, maybe there is problem with to many fps ?

No idea, but I don’t think its tied to FPS. Or at least not only, because for me, the game runs fine on low settings. It works, but its not nice D:

Try to set to 30hz with vsync on, and for some weird reason i can only choose 36,48,72,144 hz, so i had to change my monitor to 60 hz, and after setting frame rate to 30 or 60 it fixed it, but 72 hz it still happends.

48 Hz also does not fix it.

Looks like setting the monitor itself on 60 Hz fixed it. I didn’t enable vsync tho.
However, in my opinion this workaround is unacceptable. I don’t want to be needing to change my monitors refresh rate every time I play FH4. There should be a solution from the devs to this.
Hopefully someone from the team will forward this. Maybe they can reproduce it with a 144 Hz Monitor too.

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Video of the issue: Forza Horizon 4 Demo 970 GTX i5 6600K medium 1080p - YouTube

I also got the issue. The benchmark runs fine at a average of 96fps with ultra settings at 3440x1440 an 100 fps limit. Sometimes with and sometimes without the issue.

Windows 10 Pro
Graphics Driver Version 399.24 (latest available)
GTX 1080ti
i5-4690k @4.5 GHz

Monitor is running 3440x1440@100hz
Tried some different settings but most of the time most stuff at ultra and 3440x1440 game resolution. Tried dynamic optimization on/off, fps limit 100/50/unlocked only dynamic optimization seemed to reduce the issue a little bit but still unbearable.

I am facing this exact issue with the demo. I sent my benchmark results and screenshots to that email and so far they’ve only asked me if my graphics driver is up to date. This almost makes the game unplayable because you can’t see where you’re driving and the cars get stuck in place when you drive over unloaded maps.

I just upgraded from 8GB to 16GB 2400mhz DDR4 RAM, played for an hour with 144hz on high, seen it once but it loaded fast, after 1 hour play time.