[ANSWERED] LOST ALL my DATA (Progress/Cars..etc...) on both PC and Xbox!

Please refer to this thread, as this problem arose when I was having issue with the game not wanting to trigger several seasonal challenges, then after several reboots of both my pc and xbox, now, all my DATA IS GONE. I started the game on my Xbox and wanted to start from scratch, same thing on my pc. This is SO FRUSTRATING. I need SUPPORT…please help ASAP…thank you.


OK, this is getting very frustrating…no response…I went to see if I can submit a ticket and all I get back is more “support” via “does this answer your question/issue”. PLEASE incorporate an EASY button where it only indicates “Submit Ticket”, so we can fill out the form and hopefully get a response back. And, add a proper menu structure. THANK YOU!


The only way for us to look into your account at this issue is for you to submit a ticket. If you have already done this, please do not submit an additional ticket as it could push you back in the backlog.

The support team will answer your ticket when they can. Thanks

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Was completed!

Yes!..and, have not submitted any additional ticket(s)!



Is that the best you can do for a gamer who has lost his complete game?

I say this because I have no faith in the ticketing system at all. The only ticket I ever submitted took 2 months before being deleted without a word of explanation or response.

Yet another Horizon player that has lost faith in this game.


Unfortunately, telling people to submit a ticket is the only thing they can do.

I did submit a TICKET…actually, due to the lack of faith with the system, I took a picture of the screen with my cell, also cropped the screen image on my Mac…made a couple of copies…jic…so, here it is…


Its still there …the last subject

Do you work for T10 or PG? Do you have Support responsibilities? Just curious, I see you posting everywhere, yet, not sure how helpful your posts are…at least not for me at all.



Just try to help people who dont seem to be able to help themselves by looking first
Some people ,like you, seem to have a lot of issues…mostly easily fixed
Except this current issue which only the official support people can help you with…but seems you would rather be rude to anyone that tries to help
But i can understand it’s probably due to frustration
Good luck

Oh and you wont get any help by posting here anymore either and since you are such a regular YOU should already know that
That’s why i showed you where to submit a ticket seeing as you needed help with finding that
not posting for visibility , why would anyone do that anyway, just trying to assist with people who are having difficulties

I am sure are not talking about me, I rarely post on this section, and when I do, I have exhausted trying to figure something out. Including pinging many friends to see if they’ve encountered similar issues.

I actually don’t have a lot of issues, actually BARELY…and, I’ve owned FM1-FM7, Apex, H1-H4, plus others outside this franchise. My issue is with folks like yourself that do not believe that someone’s data can be wiped out entirely with actions outside their control. Ask the other people that have posted with similar issues…are they not having a serious issue by losing all their data? Plus, if your not the one that’s going to get any of us the data back onto our PCs and/or Xbox, why reply at post? Just want to increase your visibility. Next time you want to post, THINK FIRST!

I got it, you CAN NOT HELP with this!

No, it’s not frustration, it’s an expectation that we all get GREAT service from an organization that we’ve been procuring games for many years! And, they’ve been successful by all of us that have built this community and continue to provide the support necessary to keep this alive!

Same to you!


@ RetroKrystal - I just noticed that my original Thread was Closed/Locked…yet, what if these issues were independent of each other, and, it just happened to end in the lost of the data!!! That is why I posted separately (meaning New Thread) as well.



The reason why I advise submitting a ticket is that they may need more information about your account such as console ID etc which i’d advise against posting publicly. This is why the support site helps.

The support team will try to respond to you when they can. Thanks

Hi! You look like an active and helpful member.
My game has started over too (ticket #25280). I didn’t get any response.
I just want to know asap: should I be patient and wait till restore (if restore is possible) or should I start the game from the scratch?
I don’t want to spend the weekend without playing FH4.

The support team will answer you’re ticket when they can.
You may not have had a response as you only submitted the ticket yesterday.

Did you by any chance cancel during a sync?

My best advice is to not start up the game incase this writes over your current sync and the team may be able to see if they can recover your last gameplay

I’m not sure. Sync pop-up always appears for a second and I’m not able to click any button.
But for the first time I ran the game after the update, it showed a message kinda “not able to sync” and option to play offline.
I quit the game, checked my connection and updated GPU drivers. For the second time, new game has started.

Thank you! I’ll try to be patient

Exact same thing happened to me, lost 250 hrs playtime 550 cars and 30 mil cr. Support ticket ( #25242) got marked as solved within 24 hrs without me receiving any reply.

My saves haven’t been restored. Be careful.
PS Stop deleting my messages.