[ANSWERED] Lost all may progress ....how to reload xbox live game saves...

Sorry for my poor english, i’m from Italy and i’m not so good in foreigner language.
Yesterday i turned on the console after some weeks , i started the Forza Horizon 4 game and the system told me they were two different game saves with different dates…(very strange never asked me something like that before) i have chosen one of the two and after that the game started from beginning…i lost all progress :frowning:
I tried to go on game options and check if i could download a different online save but i can’t find the way to do that so i go on saved data i deleted Forza horizon game data but only on the console itself not on xbox live…I was hoping doing that on a new restart it will ask me to reload a different game save (probably the other with different date was the right one) but nothing happened the game start from beginning again…so i disinstalled the game completely and installed again but with the same results…if i go on game data i can see even the dlc i bought ,i could see even the percentage of game unlocked and even the trophies wins but the games always start from beginning with all map closed,witout all cars in the garage…Can someone give me an help to solve this? there is a way to direct download saves from xbox live (it asked me once so my old saves should be present on xbox live backup…)? Unfortunately i have not made a complete back up of the game system on cloud even if i have xbox one live gold. Thank you very much all help will be much appreciated (especially for may small baby that could not find his favourite cars…). Please write in a simple way because i could not be able to understand correctly :wink:

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Try contacting support
Only they can help you once you have overwritten your save
But it’s gone and they might gift you some credits and cars…might

I experienced the same but as a result of the Microsoft apps and my ISP not functioning properly on the backend.

My advice, same that was given to me, Fill out a request ticket


Our Lost Save specialist will be able to help you with this once you submit a ticket.