[ANSWERED] Latest Patch downloading now!!!!! [PC]

Let’s hope it contains some fixes.

Edit: Just looks like the Hoonigan car pack got an update.

For a moment both the game and car pack were in the downloads listed together but the date of the forza 7 install remains the same (dated 11th of Oct 2017)

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Will download the patch when I get home from work then…

No boss, I’m not browsing the Forza forums when I should be working…

[Edit] Regarding edit^^ oh bumholes

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“[Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]” indeed. I’ll keep spamming the “Get Updated” button for a bit just in case.

[Edit] just to be thorough I tried to load a reply which crashes my game most of the time. No surprise still broken.

The demo has a patch, mine shows a newer version, updated today. But it’s currently downloading a Hoonigan update.


What patch? There’s no new patch, only the 11th October (version 1.107.5368.2).

No update for me… :frowning:

the download wouldn`t start , now the game wont even start anymore it just crashes at launch/startup

Specialty dealer cars. I think that’s all it was.

If you guys are on PC, can you type WSRESET in the start menu? Let me know if that works.


What should that solve?
The fact that the game won’t start or that there’s no update showing?

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It is a fix all from the store you can also go to the settings and choose troubleshoot>windows store app and run it then follow the prompts. The Windows Store gets corrupted quite often and either apps won’t start, crash at splash or updates will fail. That one is an MS disaster not T-10

rebooted the console and i had the hoonigan pack update but i dont see any difference in the cars in the game… so for what is that update?

edit : i just checked the hoonicorn and the stock rims are missing… only the tires and brakes but no rims… tried with install aftermarket and they show… but the stock hoonigan nope…

That useless thing has never had them. They are invisible since launch.

On another note, it’s kinda funny to read the response from the Forza team at the store comment section. Some people complaining about the constant crashing and the game not starting and the response they get is “sorry that you’re having issues downloading the game… blah blah” Shows how they care reading through the comments… *sigh

really? never noticed couse i never used that car…

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Hoonigan-carpack patch??? … and where is the FM7 patch?.. still nothing?.. whaw!

nothing was patched, just some specialty cars added and yeah that ford hoonicorn or whatever it’s called still has glitched wheels, at least on pc