[ANSWERED] Keeps crashing

Every single time i am in the customize and paint section the game freezes for about 20 seconds then puts me to the desktop with no error messages or error codes, i’ve tried multiple times and it keeps doing it… Please fix it! :slight_smile:

i7 7700K
16gb @ 2666
GTX 1070 Strix (388.00 driver)
up to date windows 10 pro


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For crash related issues, please email forzafb@microsoft.com. This way we can follow up correctly and request any files that are needed.


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This is somewhat unfair, what is to report to forzafb ? This bug is here since launch, and it is a memory leak it happens on any system what other files to T10 need in order to fix this game-breaking bug !? On any computer you just have to scroll through cars or look at rims and game will eventually crash. Instead of asking for additional files it would be better to just add this to known issue and fix it. It is not a bug that is occurring on SOME PCs, its occurring on ALL PC`s… If you set up a private lobby and go to select cars and scroll to cars the game will 100% crash after maximum 10 cars. This is happening to me on 2 different systems. My friends already quit trying they get this bugs also on way different systems than mine.

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Speaking as a professional developer of 25 years (and having no affiliation with Turn 10, and being in the exact same situation as you regarding FM7 crashes) I can assure you that the crash report that you send to that e-mail address is infinitely valuable. It’s just a bunch of hex numbers but they can make it a lot easier for Turn 10 to find the root cause of all the crashes.

I hate to say it, but there are probably multiple reasons why the game is crashing, and even if they perform the same actions as you and see a crash, it might not be the exact same root cause. So they might fix a bug and claim success, but you’ll still have the same issue and still get frustrated.

I confirm the problem : I really hope a patch soon , it s very annoying :confused: