[ANSWERED] Just want to ask this to be sure

Through my time of playing FH4 I have heard rumors that certain cars can get your account b-worded and I have them, and have a list here so you know which ones I’m wondering about:
Also, these cars were obtained through the auction house in game not using exploits of any manner, honest. :

  1. Austin Taxi FX4 HS
  2. Chevrolet Bel Air HS
  3. Mercedes-AMG GTR PO
  4. Nissan GTR PO
  5. Mclaren Senna (SE)
  6. Mclaren Senna (AE)
  7. Ford Focus PO

That are the cars I’ve heard can get you b-word. I just want to know if it’s true? Because I do not want to get b-worded for having cars that are possible to obtain with in game features.

I have had these cars for a couple months and have been a bit scared of asking this.

Not true.

I wouldnt be that sure, those sennas and HS cars are added by using mods and peoples can report other peoples using those cars. I would really like to see PG doing something abaout those mods are especially because taxi is class breaking car. It’s so bs that mod car dominate leaderboards.

Yeah that’s true but leaderboards are broken anyway, so many times have I seen D class cars jump 7KM and go nearly Mach 1 in some speed traps.

Rivals leaderboards is not that broken (yet broken anyway but not as badly than speedtraps and danger signs) and for example a-class aerodome drag stip top 20 there is 17 HS taxis. So PG should really do something if car that no one should have dominate in rivals. (i bet retro will come here to tell that should send ticket if see people using cars that they should not have because it seems nobody in PG dont check any leaderboards never)

That’s kinda funny considering that I know for a fact that it’s even posted somewhere in these forums that the HS cars are specifically for in game quests only and are not obtainable for regular game play. I’m also pretty sure it states that they can only be added in by hacking it in. I could be wrong and if I am then my bad, but I know I saw the post on this forum.

Anyone seeing these cars on leaderboards or in competitive lobbies should report the players in possession of them via a support ticket.

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Why via support ticket isnt game report player to report players? By using support ticket that would mean easily 50 tickets just by looking top scores in drag strips.

@HNSY0Wrath If there would be class base rivals those sennas could easily be best cars in some tracks, even normal senna is one of the best cars in technical tracks and extra grip would just make them even faster in those tracks.

I can understand if people would report me for having the cars but with the experience of trying them in freeroam, the only cars I can tell are over-powered for online races are:

Austin Taxi HS, this one is self-explanatory, a nearly 2000 HP Taxi…

Senna SE (Both this and the AE have 0.16 more grip than the normal senna’s horizon race tires.) Although the SE has a lower top speed and acceleration.

Senna AE, is only better in the rain, really. It doesn’t freak out when water is present.

I do not use any of the cars online although they arent any better than the normal counterpart, really.

One thing that does seem weird to me is, if we were never supposed to have the cars, why can you search for them in the Auction House? I do remember I once saw you could search for traffic cars even.

The Austin Taxi HS and Chevy Bel Air HS I believe are mission specific horizon story vehicles not available in normal gameplay. Worst thing they could do in my mind is delete the vehicle from your garage (unless you were the one that modded the system to make it available), If I were you I wouldn’t use it to post records or in online lobbies if it isn’t a legitimate car. Someone had to mod the game to make these “available,” so they are the true criminal, but one could argue you are in possession of an illegal substance…

The Nissan PO and Mercedes AMG PO cars are no longer possible to post on the Auction House, these are legitimate in game vehicles, but were region specific, I believe by preventing the sale of these cars, Forza is trying to stop the duplication of these rare region specific PO vehicles. I would say you can use them freely and you are extremely lucky to have gotten one prior to the lockdown.

The Focus PO was the Toys R Us version which was extremely rare because Toys R Us went bankrupt. Again, this vehicle is a legitimate in game vehicle, but Forza has prevented the sale of these cars on the AH also, which I am guessing is again to stop the duplication of an extremely rare vehicle. I would say you can use it freely and you are extremely lucky to have gotten one prior to the lockdown.

The “alternate” Mclaren Senna’s are in the game only during the intro game, where you are driving to the Horizon Festival. You will see the PI of the two Sennas you drive (if you hit pause during the intro scene) are different from the Senna in the playable game. You should not be able to actually obtain these other two Senna’s legitimately in the game. If you have those Sennas with the differing starting PI, it can be assured the origin of those cars were not legitimate… I don’t see how you can be banned for it if you bought the vehicles through the AH, now if you were the one that modded/glitched the game to get the vehicle, then you should be worried. If you bought the car through the AH using all in-game means to get it, then you aren’t the “criminal” the person that “made” the car is the true criminal. I think all they could do is delete the vehicle from your garage, if they really wanted to do anything to you.

No, the reward for 30 stars in Isha’s Taxi is the normal Taxi, not the HS version.

Where did this region-specific info come from?

Is there any evidence that it was ever released at all? Last I heard, it was never even finished let alone released.

That focus indeed is not finnished, with widebody kit tires are still in orginal place instead of pushing outer to match bodykit that makes that car look really bad.

I don’t think there are many people that know the actual facts on those 3 POs besides the Devs. I think the Japan and Germany things were from rumors and/or trollers on the internet. From the actual evidence on these vehicles (looking at vehicle history and number or previous owners), I would be willing to bet a good deal if not all of the Focus, AMG GTR, and Nissan GTR PO cars all had the original owner: 4F4F46. This account/person was either an actual developer’s account or friend or a promoter/partner of the game. Apparently, these 3 vehicles were/are “unreleased” to the public, but were gifted as special vehicles for developers and highly regarded promoters/partners of the game. You will notice, if you have one, that the original owner of your car in the vehicle history on these three are probably 4F4F46, which means that at some point an account that got their hands on the vehicle from this person started the duplication and mass spread of these highly limited cars… The fact that people have started making this a business selling these for real money is probably what triggered Forza to put a ban on listing any of these vehicles on the AH.

For the MB GTR PO, and the Nissan GTR PO there have been 2 owners before me total 3. On the Ford Focus PO there have been 4 before me, total 5. I have made tunes for the cars and working on some cool liveries but from a performance standpoint they are slower than other PO cars, ie the 911 GT3RS PO, that car is insane.

I own these cars aswell and to my knowledge theres a couple hundred owners for each of them. i got mine from patiently stalking the auctionhouse, so no exploits used on my part. took me a few hours to get them all.

I can confirm that they can not be traded in the AH anymore since 1-2 weeks. Can the Sennas still be traded in the AH, could you try? iam wondering cause they are the only cars missing in my collection.

Would be nice if you could provide me with that info

Those cars can still be sold and purchased, yes, but I do not know for how much longer, so keep lookin bro.

But every one of those orginal owner is 4F4F46 just like every other R35 or GT R or Focus has same orginal owner. And it’s really bad to compare cars that are orginal S1 class cars to cars that are orginally S2 class cars. Better comparision those cars are orginal model while using S900 tune (it also tells better is car class breaking in online) GT R in S900 is almost same car than regular version, but R35 is faster in S1 class than normal R35 is.

Tell you what, add me on Xbox and then we can conduct some race tests where since I have the PO cars I will be using them as stock no tuning and you do the normal counterparts and tune them as close to the PO’s stats as you can. I can of course tell you what the various stats are if you need them. Then we can do a couple races and settle it wether the PO cars are OP or not. You choose the track, I love to do Racing, a lot.

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