[ANSWERED] Just started the game today and get bombarded with achievements

When I launched my game a few minutes ago I kept getting notifications from the xbox app how I had earned 7 achievements:
50G - Skilling Streak!
10G - The Big One
50G - Triple-A Taxis
5G - Taxi!!!
50G - A Pleasant Racing Green
10G - From Aston Martin to Bentley
5G - A Second Century

I can understand what they reffer, but the skilling streak one was bugged as I haven’t even started “Skill Streak” Story.
On the other hand got a lot more gamerscore :slight_smile:

Same here, i earned 9 achievements, some for stuff i have not done yet.

this topic has been discussed multiple times already in both discussion and support forums

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This is a Known Issue the team is looking into.

We will make an announcement to the Community when we have more information.

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