[ANSWERED] I still miss my 4 VIP Cars and the Million Credits

Most People here became there Bonus (1Million Credits and the 4 VIP Cars). I dont became that. Any solution?


Can you please email forzafb@microsoft.com in regards to your issue so we can look into it for you.


Thank you, i wrote a email

You’re welcome!

Hi guys I purchased VIP a couple of days ago and received the VIP crates. A couple of hours later I got the message that I had been gifted 5 extra cars but I never got the cars. Just wondering if I have to wait a little longer for them to arrive? If not how do I get them.

I send an email, unfortunatelynthere was no response or reaction to it.

I sent an email to the email dress above and a few days later they responded with sorry about this inconvenience we have resolve the problem on all systems go to your gift screen see if they’re there if not will continue investigating the issue went to the gift screen there was still nothing there

I emailed fbforza@microsoft.com 2 days ago and included my gamertag, a picture of the main forza 7 screen which also shows my gamertag, and a message explaining that I had received the message “Thank you for being a Forza Motorsport 7 VIP. To show our appreciation we’ve gifted you five Forza Edition cars.” I had not received any other messages under gifts or any other tab.

I just received a response advising me this should be resolved and I should check again and let them know along with my gamertag (which I already provided). The issue is not resolved and if you are directing people on this forum with this problem to email that address only to be sent in another loop, it doesn’t seem like this is helping anyone with the same problem.

Hey guys,

We are answering emails in the order they were received. You will get answered when we get to you :slight_smile: Right now it takes about two to three days.


I purchased the VIP pack 4 days ago and haven’t received my 1,000,000 credits. I’ve gotten the crates and cars and gear but not the credits. Is this a common issue they’re fixing or am I alone?

Yes, this is the exact same scenario for me. I get the cars no problem but I haven’t gotten the 1,000,000 credit yet. Nor, have I received the 2x bonuses as I’ve already ran out.
If, I recall correctly though, the 2x bonuses is suppose to be released after an update. Which was suppose to be this week. But no word on that either at this time. Unless there was a recent update on it.

Got the same email myself this morning and having the same issue with nothing being in game, about fed up with this it’s a small consolation for something that’s hardly even playable at this point but hey, they already have my $80 bucks…

you not alone, I and many more got the credits but not the cars^^

That sounds fair for me, Thank you!