[ANSWERED] I can't claim the Hyundai Car Pack!

So, I already have the Totino’s car pack from the car pass but i can’t seem to claim the Hyundai Car Pack. I’ve already visited the marketplace to find the Hyundai Car Pack but everytime I click on it, it just loads with the windows store but then closes itself. I’ve already rebooted my PC but the problem still persist. Any help is appreciated.

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I am having the same problem, the little green microsoft store comes up and dissapears, then nothing happens.

You dont need to DL the pack, after yesterdays update the cars should just appear in the auto dealer for purchase

Here is a video showcasing the problem: Desktop 01 17 2018 16 12 57 01 - YouTube

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I cannot purchase them in the buy cars menu, it just tells me to get the dlc which won’t open the store, I also cannot purchase the totino’s dlc pack either, with the same issue affecting it.

IcyJake, Thank you for the video man, I really appreciate it. That is exactly what’s happening in my case as well


Can you please launch the Windows Store app and make sure you’re signed in? Also, do you get the same experience if you go to the Progress tab, Marketplace, Car Packs and try to acquire the 2019 Hyundai Veloster N and Turbo Free Car Pack?

If you are still unable to download the car pack, can you try via this link?


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It applies the same to other car pass, it closes instantly. I’ve checked that I was signed in to the Windows Store app but still couldn’t claim it. Thank you for your help!