[ANSWERED] How many day Inhave to wait for a support answer

approximately how many day does it take to have an answer when I raise an issue and open a ticket?
One week went by without playing a game which is paid…

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Good luck, you might get on reply. It’s been a month and my ticket is still open with one reply. When money is spent on tangible goods and the product is defective; it is either returned and or replaced or a refund given. I am happy to debate anyone or moderator who believes otherwise. Also happy to discuss the product issue with Microsoft as well.

i’m at 7 days

You may wait a month or two and then they still won’t do anything. Yes this game should be refunded as it doesn’t really work properly.

The support team are working hard to get through tickets and trying to reduced the response time.
Apologies that it is taking a little longer than anticipated and we appreciated your patience.

I’m now locking this thread and there is no further discussion needed.