[ANSWERED] Horizon 4 Online Play - See end post

I feel you man.Unless you have your own convoy or squad you either sit there for 40 seconds for nothing or you just get like one person.

Change my mind. I’m personally a competitive racer and I enjoy doing rivals. However there aren’t even class rivals in this game anymore.

As for the adventures, they’re more catered to the beginning players and it really sucks. In Horizon 3, you had the ability of non-contact racing only, which was phenomenal. Playground games, please bring this back. Also, it’s very frustrating that the next adventure in sequence is randomly chosen. It’s so frustrating to have back to back, winter cross country. I want to play road races, not this cross country stuff. Please put back the option of voting on the adventure you’d like to participate in back!!!

Another user here had posted that you can’t leave adventures until AFTER they’ve started, and the very first event is the race! Not even a “drive to the event” like how it was in Horizon 2 & 3.

Ranked play isn’t even populated enough, and there’s so much griefing going on in standard adventure.

I absolutely love this game, but please please please Playground Games, bring some features back.


Yeah I’ve found myself the last 2 nights that after doing a bunch of solo stuff I want to race some MP so I just go back to FH3 and race there. This new system is garbage. I never understand why a developer would take a successful formula and instead of improving on it they just totally replace it with something. I’m sure if they were smart they’ll add what they had back it. I mean it’s what they had to do over in FM7 because they caught so much heat. Why fix something if it isn’t broken. If you want to test new things sure try it but don’t take away something that works well in the process.


I agree with you, I don’t want to do those cross country races either so I stay away from the shared adventure thing. I’ve tried doing the pvp option in the events but no one ever joins. I don’t really understand the multiplayer in this game.


Why cant we play 1v11? Why cant we play with B, C and D car classes on online? Why cant we play online on FH4 as if we were at FM7? Why should we join the group of people that keep doing wallride in almost every turn that it is possible? Some things I just dont understand lol

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The little I’ve tried of online was the Forzathon Live and I just didn’t like it. Heavily biased towards fast offroad cars and even more of a boring grind than the regular Forzathons.


this whole team racing stuff isn´t it for me. i want the FH3 mode back. it sucks if you drive good and you still loose cause the rest of the team failed.
and i also miss the options like the OP said.
and no colission races… give em back. all those ramming and idiot driving :confused:


I absoulutely agree with OP. Can’t argue with fact. Why do I have to lose when I finished 1st place 10 sewconds ahead from 2nd.
Also, there is no non-contact race. This is how to make thpse griefers happy. And ranked has fewer people than rural street in 3AM.


For me it’s also a disappointment, I, as well as my friends did not buy this game for campaigns, but only for online competition. And this is a great failure.


Has anyone even managed to get a ranked game yet? Mine all fail before the race starts.


Dont know if this will help but i have been getting the not enough players to start thing and then leaving it to auto search again and 9 times out of the the next ranked race is a go

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I can never start one at all. Just constantly searches for players.

It’s not populated enough because not everyone can afford/want to buy the ULT edition, wait till tuesday when it goes live properly.

Seeing as how standard and deluxe editions have yet to be released, I would assume finding a game would be a little longer than usual. Wait till full release and try and find one. More players will be joining in the following months to years, and we still have the holiday season coming up. Of course there’s not gonna be loads of people on right now, the Ultimate edition doesn’t sell as much as the standard edition.

Aside from that, who knows, the game is just releasing so we have the whole life to look forward to updates.

Agree here, there is no player choice now so i’ll have to keep backing out over and over again until I find a road race under S1, which sucks big time.
Team racing was my least favorite type in the previous game and now its the only type, who the hell is making these decisions? It was near perfect in FH3.
The “rush to event” thing shouldn’t count as a race, it means that even in a road race tournament, 4WD cars have a huge advantage. terrible change again.
This seems like a massive step backward for the Online, which is really saying something since Forzathon events and 0ver 70 player free roam is downright amazing.

Please don’t let this go unaddressed PG. I only ever play the online section of Horizon games and I don’t like being forced into activities I dislike.


Tottally Agree. It looks like nobody is reading the forum and much less doing something about what we say that isn’t good. The player make the game keep alive, if we dont play, the game dies. And this is what is happening.

100% agree with OP. Ive found myself at the end of the game staying solo except for the forzathon events which are far from a race event…

The team races are a complete disaster and UNPLAYABLEY frustrating to say the least! Full of people ramming between checkpoints and the point race in between circuit races is just … WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!!! Even the menu beforehand having 30 seconds to pick a S2 rank on a dirt track, not many had a S1 rank offroad vehicle so we all end up in super cars on a dirt track which ended exactly as I expected it would.

I can see myself getting bored in the near future once the solo content runs out because currently there is no decent online play except for rivals which is very much a solo affair.


Amazing this thread has almost 100k views, have not been on these forums in a long time! Above is my post from 2 months ago.

Nothing has changed and I have since quit the game (basically just log on to drive around when bored of other games). Exactly what I thought would happen happened. I got bored as after you beat the story and do some leaderboard your pretty much done with the game.

Just thought it was interesting.


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I’m pretty much there too. Haven’t played in a few weeks now, and I just hang out here on the forums so I dont forget about the game basically. BUT HEY they’re giving us solo adventure mode in january… no word on changing freeroam rush, or adding rivals, or a fix for wallriders and rammers. But golly well get solo adventure mode. Next month, probably

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