[ANSWERED] Has the crash on start problem been fixed? (MSi AB and RTSS)

It’s been about 6 months since release. After pre-ordering the Ultimate Ed, I was met with the crash-on-start problem and could never launch the game. I got a refund ever since. However, I wish I could play this game. Is it safe to buy now? Does the game launch properly?

EDIT: Let me add more info.

-My specs are enough to run the game. That’s never been a problem. I run FM7 and FH3 maxed out without breaking a sweat.
-I recall it being a problem with either RTSS or Afterburner. I read somewhere that the newer version of these programs won’t cause the crash on launch anymore. Can someone please confirm? I really want to buy the Ultimate ED again.

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no unfortunately it still crashes on startup and does nothing but lag and then crash the game if you are successful in starting it up :frowning:

No one can really give you a definitive answer on that since the issue never affected everyone as well as everyone having different settings and configurations on their pc
I never had an issue with my pc or on xbone X or xbone S but seems i’m just lucky

Nope, it’s not safe. The game launches fine, but it still has random crashes. Sometimes you can play hours without problems and sometimes it crashes in the middle of the race, or when you are just in the menus, or when you are doing nothing…

For any bugs, issues or crashes please submit a ticket

Plenty of tips and trick to try on this forum. Not much else they are going to do for you. Like Talby I too have never had a single issue running any Forza game on PC, so there is no universal patch coming since everyone’s PC is setup different.

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There is no more problem with actual Afterburner version (respectively RTSS version). In older version RTSS detection causes crashes. It was fixed in version 7.2.0. Afterburner version is not important, you can install just new RTSS. Just OSD doesnt work in game, its disabled in RTSS, there is probably some conflict with the anticheat protection in FH4.

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Thank you. This was the answer I was hoping to get. I did update RTSS to 7.2.0. I will buy this game then and cross my fingers.

As for non RTSS related random crashes and slowdowns that other mention, I’m taking the risk. FM7 and FH3 work just fine on my PC.

Thanks again for the response!