[ANSWERED] French FH4 anticipate acces

Dear dream Team,

Many French players have played since Saturday at FH4…

I paid for it, too, and I’m a huge fan of all your games Forza.

Please, would you have a commercial solution, or a code unlock access, that would be great.


Philippe Rodriguez aka BossZzoundsS

You’ll get it when the rest of us get it, the 28th for UE, or the 2nd for standard.

Isn’t a good news… It is not at all trader as an answer

Quite a few big releases in the past have been released a bit earlier then planned. Now is leaks a thing in other industries. Pretty much yea. Right will asking change anything. Changing the release day will not help their marketing campaign in my view. Also it gives T10 and PG a bit of time to get the servers ready for more players.