[ANSWERED] forza vip gift cars in message centre wont download

i have 4 forza edition cars in my gifts section of the message centre
i cant download any of them , i click on the download button it dissapears then comes back up but nothing happens
these are the 4 cars
nxs f e
gran turismo s f e
f-type project 7 f e
camaro zl1 f e
i had the 1million and the crates too
how can i retrieve these 4 cars ?

Maybe a server connection issue. Try a hard reset:
Close the game. Turn off your xbox. Unplug the power cord from the back of the xbox and wait about a minute. Plug back in and restart xbox. Restart game.
Hopefully it works of you.

Thanks i will give it a try

Still exactly the same


I’ve had the ultimate edition since it came out. I was able to download the gifted credits but the cars would not download. Now when I goto the gift area in messages the option to download gifted cars is gone. I still have not gotten the gifted cars. How can I get them?

Having same issue got my gifted credits. Cars won’t download now the message to download them is gone. How do I get the gifted cars?

Exact same problem here

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Similar issue. I purchased the Ultimate edition of the game yesterday. Today I received a message from Turn 10 thanking me for being a VIP member and as a gift I would receive 5 forza edition cars to enjoy. But I cannot see any cars, nothing in my DLC or anywhere else that I can see…any ideas?
Thanks to Nitro Glitter I emailed microsoft who resolved the problem very quickly. All sorted…Many thanks

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Hi everyone,

Can you please email forzafb@microsoft.com in regards to this issue. That way Soy can take care of you. Make sure you provide your gamertag and if you have any videos or screen shots of the issue.

Thank you,


I sent an email yesterday and today about the situation how long does it take before they answer?

Ok it’s been a While since I posted in here and sent multiple emails of my problem. Can we get some type of resolution? I love this game. Don’t give me a reason not to. Need the vip cars and credits. Oh and I just saw now I’m receiving the VIP credits after each race I didn’t get these until 2 days ago. What’s up with that. If I’ve gotten from day one I’d have a lot more credits to work with. Sucks it too so long to correct that. Let’s please get me a resolution soon!!!


Ok it’s been weeks now since I’ve posted multiple times in here and had sent a bunch of emails to the email address they gave us in here. I have still got no answers or got these issues fixed. How long does this take to get resolved. I paid for this game before it came out. Got the ultimate edition am a VIP member. But aren’t being treated like one. Someone please help me get this resolved already. It’s been forever.