[ANSWERED] Forza Horizon 4 is increadably unstable.

I have been playing Forza Horizon 4 on P.C for a while now. I play on max graphical settings with a constant 60FPS. Wherever I am and whatever I am doing, the game runs absolutely flawlessly. My drivers are up-to-date and nothing is out of the ordinary. However, a few weeks ago, the game just began running at sub 20FPS out of the blue, and it have been like that permanently.
I have changed nothing at all. All my settings are the same, even for my hardware nothing has changed. The drivers were already up to date with the recommended updates before this happened.
Why is the game running like this now?
I have already Reset the game using the Windows Settings, I have already Uninstalled and Reinstalled, used the lowest settings possible, and even tried using the optional driver updates for my GPU and that isn’t doing jack.

Here are my specs:
Ryzen 7 1700 @3Ghz,
Radeon RX580 w/ 8GB of VRAM,
16GB of DDR4 2666Mhz RAM,
AX370 Gaming K5 Mobo,
and a 1TB hard drive that the game runs from, and a 120GB SSD.

I am begging for help. Anything that will fix this issue will make me extremely grateful as this is one of my favourite racers this generation.


Could you please submit a ticket so we can look into this for you?