[ANSWERED] Forza Horizon 4 don't save graphics settings

So i had that problem in previous game (FH3) and now i have that problem in FH4.
Everytime when i launch the game it appears with message to choose optimal graphiscs settings. And it always set to default.

I only have that problem with graphics settings, sound/control settings works perfect.

Maybe someone know how to solve that annoying issue?

Thx in advance.

PS last win10 with all updates, already re-installing clear win10 and keep having same issue.


Same here. It’s a problem with all Forza titles from FM 6 Apex till FH4 - nothing changed(

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same here

Same for me

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Same for me too

The new update, the same problem.

… Guys, what video card do you use? My is GTX 1060 with the latest driver.
Any problems with AMD? Intel?

It was working fine with the setting being saved until the last patch for me. Now it constantly resets.

Put a ticket in as well.

Most of the time it’s fine for me, but, occasionally on game load it recommends graphic settings and I have to put manually put my preferences in again.

Nothing change to me with the last update but it’s fix correct resolution (4k). All another settings reset as always.
My GPU: 2080 Ti.

Just got the game and having same problems, it defaults to 1920x1080 every time i restart the game, my monitor is 3440x1440 (using a gtx 20180ti).

The Problem of the issue comes from the name the Forza Horizon 4 EXE is given cause it includes the version of the game. So every time the game update with new patch it changes the EXE’S name causing it to lose ur config. [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]

Hello there,

The best way to get Forza support or help with an issue is by submitting a ticket here

Thank you