[ANSWERED] Forza Horizon 4 0% syncing data

Hi. I bought the game and I always have 0% syncing data or “Loading, please wait”. Do you know how to repair it ?


Quite annoying you’ve not had a response on this. Having the exact same problem. Tried quite a few things (except W10 reinstallation) and nothing has helped.

-Go to the MS Store
-Set Offline Permissions to ON
-Reset the game
-Disconnect your computer from the Internet
-Start the game offline
-Play for a bit until you start creating local saves
-Then you can plug your internet back.

WARNING: If you already started the game, you WILL lose your save file. But so far, this is the only way to fix the 0% Sync.


You can load the game beyond the splash screen? Must be a nice feeling


Yea I’m having that issue to m8 , tried everything over the weekend, game syncs to 98 then punts me back to dashboard, driving me mad


Just bougt the game and have the same problem but I succeed to bypass syncing data.

This is what I did:

-Started FH4 and canceled syncing.
-Logged out of Xbox Live App
-Pressed WINDOWS KEY+R and typed services.msc
-Scrolled down and right clicked Xbox Live VerifiationFeatures and selected “Restart”.
-Plugged out my ethernet cable
-Started the game and I could start playing.
-After 2 days I started the game WITH ethernet and syncing worked!!

Hope it works for you to!



I faced this issue immediately after installing and first run.

I have finally fixed the problem. I kept Task manager open on top while running fh4 and when it was stuck on loading, i went to services tab in task manager and restarted all xbox services in the list one by one and closed task manager.

Then immediately fh4 screen comes back to press enter to proceed. And then it works, runs on 1080p / ultra settings.

I kept lan disabled while doing this so i guess it took over the locally saved data. Need to check online too in the same way. Hope it works…

My gameplay video:


Amd a10-7890k

Rx570 rog strix 4 GB

120gb ssd + 2th hdd

Hi i logged on today and all my data has gone what can i do to get it all back??!!

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Please Submit a support ticket at https://support.forzamotorsport.net

I want to add a solution to this, i faced this similar problem also many times, finally after lots of experimenting i found a fix for it.
Syncing stops working if you deleted the “XblGameSaveTask” from Windows 10 task scheduler or if you have the xbox-services stopped / disabled (in services.msc)


The solution is to restore the xblgamesave task back into task scheduler, or make sure the xbox-services are started and automated.

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the same thing happened to me and I can’t fix it help please

I hope this can help

Just go to your xbox app(Window 10) sign out your account and sign in again, after that open the game it will work problely.


Go to Settings / Apps / Startup and activate Delayed launcher
Worked for me :))