[ANSWERED] Fix the Dirt Drift Zones!

I have just given up on several of the dirt drift zones. It’s infuriating that if you get just one inch off of the (not well defined) dirt road then it quits giving you points and ruins that section of the zone. A good example is the Tarn Hows dirt drift zone. The one large sweeping curve in it has a odd boundry to the outside so if you just barely break that boundry it stops counting points and about half of that curve is ruined. Not to mention, since the 3-star point requirement is ridiculously high (100,000-some points), if you lose any points in that curve, your run is pretty much blown. Please, either fix the boundaries to where it will count points if you are reasonably within the road (inside the marker flags) it will count, or lower these 100K+ requirements. The paved roads aren’t really an issue, just the dirt ones.

It can’t be that bad since I’m terrible at drifting was able to 3 star every zone without too much trouble
Completed a lot of them using the 3 wheeler morgan as well

I haven’t thought about using that 3 wheel Morgan… I’m going to have to try that.