[ANSWERED] FH4 crashes during Forzathon Live events

Most #Forzathon Live events complete normally. However, the game has crashed a few times in the last week while participating in these events.
The image suddenly freezes and then I am sent back to the Xbox Home page.
The crash has happened 4 times in the last week.
Interesting timing… There was an update on Nov 20…
Anyone else experiencing a similar issue?

Yep same here 9/10 it works would be nice if there came a fix one day.

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I’m getting the same. I’m new to the game, it crashed on me for the first time this week, and then did so during every Forzathon Live event, at the 7-8 minute mark. I’ve never completed a Live event because of this.

I can confirm this. However, today the game crashed 2 times in succession, both during #Forzathon Live events. I noticed that I was using the same car during both events:

2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio (upgraded with off-road suspensions and tires, and to S1 class)

I don’t know if it depends on the car but it’s suspicious that I always get the crash while using this one. The crash happened before a few times, too, I don’t remember, however, if I was using the same car then as well. But maybe it is a good starting point investigating this issue.

What happens is the game completely freezes (both picture and sound) and after a few seconds it crashes to the Xbox Dashboard. I’m using a One X console.

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My game crashed 2 times on Saturday. Coincidentally or not, the freezing happened both times after having jumped the same danger sign (Reservoir Ridge) during the third round driving the same car (Lamborghini Huracan).

This is becoming very annoying!
It just froze again while doing the third round in the Windmill danger sign using the Lamborghini Huracan.

Questions to the developers:

  1. Is this what buying the Ultimate Edition before the title was officially released get you?
  2. As suggested in another post in a different thread, will we users get FP that we stopped earning credited? I have stopped winning 420 FP so far, enough to buy 1 Forza Edition car or 2 of the non-FE cars in the Forzathon shop.
  • Ticket 13448 is already opened.
  • Please add your comment to this thread if you have been experiencing this problem, in hopes that developers will address the issue faster if it is happening to more people Thanks to the people who have commented already.

It happened again. Same danger sign (Windmill), same round (third), same car (Lamborghini Huracan), different season (Winter just started today).

Happens to me about three to five times a day. Usually during the second or third round. I got the ultimate AFTER already spending the $20 on VIP. Over paid and still getting it handed to me. When are you guys going to fix this. I’ve lost out on 680 points!!!

It happened again last night: Third round, different danger sign, different car.

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Since the Fortune Island update (not actually purchased yet) my game has crashed back to the Xbox home screen 3 times consecutivly, in fact I haven’t been able to complete a Forzathon Live event at all since the update causing a probable loss of 180 points so far. On each occasion the crash to home happened within seconds of the event starting…not even enough time to get to the first event. On all 3 occasions I was in the Dodge Demon, Spring season, had arrived at the starting point with a minimum of 3 minutes to spare.

SETUP:- Xbox One S … Current system and game versions … White controller … Duracell batteries … Playing in a practically prone position … Girlfriend feeding me grapes

Well the more info they have the easier it will be to fix … Yes

yep ever since the update and dlc launch my game crashes regardless of what i’m doing now at least 6-7 times a day. I have tried to contact support and have gotten no answers. I had no crashing issues until after this latest update, Honestly the game is really unplayable in this state.

Same with me. Before the december update, things were pretty normal. A crash here or there isn’t too bad, but all of a sudden I’m having a suspiciously high amount of crashes - always during Forzathon Live. My game even crashed when I was the only one doing the Forzathon - while idling. So the XBOX wasn’t exactly challanged. It has crashed twice now at least in Edinburgh - where the first round is the speed trap on the boulevar and the second round is the speed trap zone.

I already posted this in another thread, but I wanted to confirm this problem as getting worse since the Dec. 13th update and release of Fortune Island. I have done at least 10 Live events on FI, but it has crashed over half of the time, almost always in the third round.

Playing on xbox one s.

Can confirm this too

Last two forzathon events on Fortune Island crashed out to the home page in the 3rd round! Not too bothered about the FP as it’s easy to make, but would like this bug fixed as it’s a bit frustrating.

And for a third time tonight, crashed back to the home screen when at stage 3 of the Forzathon!

Game just crashed out of a #Forzathon Live event, round 2. I have been having an issue the game crashing : start on Fortune Island,play there for a bit,head back to Britain, crashed within 30 minutes. not always during Live events, but it does happen.Should we not have the Island set as home base to strt?will that help the issue? has be happening since Island launch/update

Just launched the game, “Welcome back”… Crash… Tried to relaunch the game, “Forza Horizon 4 seems to be taking a long time”… Not an enjoyable experience just now guys!

Don’t forget you can submit a ticket here.

Does the crash appear within the same Forzathon area? And is this still happening for any of you after the most recent update.

For those mentioning other crashes, this thread is for Forzathon Live crashes only. Anything else should go within the relevant thread and/or submitted via a ticket in the above link