[ANSWERED] Experiencing Forzathon shop crashes or unable to get onto servers, please read

Hi all,

If you’re experiencing the Forzathon Shop or your Weekly Challenge skill score is resetting, you may not have downloaded Tuesday update.

To do this, go to Manage Games & Add Ons > Update > The newest release should be here to download. If it isn’t then everything should be okay.

Xbox - Current version number: 1.203.506.0
PC - Current version number: 1.203.504.2



No update here, what version number should we look out for on the splash screen


Current version number is 1.203.506.0

Is this universal between the Xbox and PC?
My current PC version is 1.203.504.2, hence my question.

Apologise as I didn’t mention PC.

PC version number is correct as you stated in the quote - 1.203.504.2

Checked the game updates on the XBOX, they are missing. The version of the game is 1.203.506.0. Passed forzathon live, got 30 points instead of 60, in general, it still does not work.
Update: its still not working.

OMG thank you thank you, it didn’t show up had to force it to update! Awesome all fixed now.

Don’t forget if you have an issue or bug you can submit a ticket here.

Retro, I’ve posted this message in a different thread - however this one is stickied so I’m bringing that reply over here.

I’ve got a ticket open wih no answer for 20 days, regarding connectivity issues.

Ticket 4041. You’re the current owner, or so does the suport site say:

Asignado a RetroKrystal ID #4041

We have two threads with lots on information regarding this issue, yet we don’t get any answer at all:

https://forums.forzamoto…-Life.aspx#post_1000382 (the actual one)

https://forums.forzamoto…on-Life–DNS-error.aspx (12 pages of info)

Can you please give us a hand on this? It’s been 30 days that I (and many others) can’t play online and obviously, opening a ticket is of no use since whoever’s holding that ticket doesn’t even care.

You ticket was answered by the support team on both October 10th and October 30th. The most recent response " been looking into a few reasons why people are getting IPSEC errors but for the specific instance where you CAN connect to FH3 but not FH4, we are working on a fix that should roll out in the next few weeks."

If you’re still having the same issues in a week, please could you submit a new ticket.

No offense intended Retro, but you’re replying to me after the ticket was replied and after I had to send a direct message via twitter to Nitro glitter, who actually got in touch with me and didn’t try to dodge my question and acknowledged the problem, and also told me there is a fix in the works for some scenarios which could include this specific one.

If you had that info, you could have come by and tell me that same answer. It’s easy to come and say “you have been given an answer” after someone else has done so. I was able to notice you held the ownership of that ticket and Nitro claimed it by replying on it.

When made my post, I had no answer at that time after 20 days of inactivity. There’s no need to come here and tell me that my ticket was replied just to make it look like I am demanding something that’s not right from my side.

Once again: I’m not trying to pick on you, I’m just replying with the truth. Thank you for telling me the ticket was replied by someone else, but it isn’t necessary. I wish I didn’t have to wait 20 days to get a reply.


I’m glad your issue has been resolved.

This morning 2AM (after this current update) I completed a weekly challange with a daily challenge, during a forzathon event, I did not recieve any of those point (including vip bonus, that’s 140 points) since then the new daily challenge gave me my points , can this be fixed by Xbox/forza staff?

Im having this issue on pc version 1.210.773.2, lets me online but Auction house states forza servers are offline and the forzathon shop is locked