[ANSWERED] Driving View Problems (XBox One)

Since the season change last Thursday, I’ve been having some issues with the driving camera.

I ALWAYS use Chase Far cam, but sometimes when I’m steering around the corners using the left driving stick, the camera starts to jump & goes all blurry as the camera randomly shifts is position to random views, but sometimes its so fast I cant tell where the corner is & sometimes it will shift even if I’m on a straight road & not touching the stick at all.

I only ever touch the right stick (which is the view selector) to sometimes backwards, to see who’s behind me.

Most recently it happened yesterday while I was in online adventure & I crashed into a wall, as the view was going around really fast.

Anyone else having the same problem?

When was the last time you properly restarted your console from the console settings screen…not just off and on

Its a new Xbox One S, i ALWAYS shut my console down using the controller.

I havent done a restart since i set it up last month.

Hold down power button until your xbox one powers down. Then unplug for 2 mins and replug in and power up. That should sort you out!
If not come back here and tell us!

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Theres a little bit easier way that does the same thing now
In the console off screen where you go to shutdown console there is now an option to restart console
It properly restarts the console…not just off and on

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Good to know!

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Good idea to do the console restart after a console update, or any game update. You can avoid a LOT of issues doing so.

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Did the reset.

So far so good.

Thanks again to you all.

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