[ANSWERED] Custom Route Competition 2; The winners;

If you entered [or even didn’t enter] the recent Custom Route Competition [2], you may be wondering when and where will the results be announced/published. Well I can tell you that they were announced during the ‘live stream’ Forza Horizon 4 update series 6, broadcast on Monday Feb 11th and then posted into a thread about the series 6 update preview/review. So, if you didn’t see the show and you don’t trawl threads for the fun of it, here are the published winners

winners by Dougie Muir, on Flickr

you may wonder why some have red boxes around them? well, those highlighted ’ winners’ did not actually enter … yup, I kid you not.

if you need a reminder of the rules and criteria for all entries or if you wish to browse all the actual entries [perhaps you are interested in trying some out] then the original thread is here routecomp2 rules, criteria, actual entries


More frustrated, and less vocal my two bits plus acounting for inflation.

Myself, these routecomps are what I am about and one of multiple reasons why I love horizons vs gran Turismo or motorsports.

If you are reading this, you have probably also raced one of my routes. From the first summer community challenge, Knights of the Round was my route. Winter was Throwdown in Snow Down and also is a featured race as winner of the routecomp1. Currently in spring? Grassroots.

So when we express our frustration and request info on what happened, I want to really really stress that this isnt a source of ego or poor sportsmanship. I am very critical of my work and picked myself many flaws in the above tracks. I also am supportive of other creators. I try and feedback, help and compliment.

Routecomp1, i would private message other creators if their entry was in rules violation or chat.

In routecomp2, “Festival Scramble” by EmeraldSundisk is a massive bit of fun. Even said so right after they posted. A very worthy win.

The issue here is that like above, the rules are clearly laid out. What cars to use, what is maximum completion time, seasons, performance indexes…

More importantly, to be eligible, must post in that thread, previous entries not permitted. But FIVE of EIGHT winning tracks from people who never entered routecomp2 won with tracks from routecomp1. Not only that, they didnt even meet track criteria.

A good route with functioning drivertars and nice theme, weather and such does take significant time. Those three routes were multiple day of play just to them. No races, no forzathons, no chasing peeps on highway with my HFSP bugatti.

So to have a couple weeks worth of route creation for routecomp2 fully within rules and quality fun tracks themed and tested then tested by others and edited for feedback then retested until satisfied… and lose to tracks not even entered?

In chatting with NFS and his comment elsewhere… My tracks must have been pretty awful if non rules compliant and unentered races are considered a better choice.

Says a lot.

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If they won and didn’t actually entered then how did they end up there?

The answer on twitter when it was asked:

Whose route is it anyways?

The contest where the the rules are made up and the players dont matter.

Link of the tweet?

Anyway that’s real bs since i had an opportunity of winning or become part of the seasonal championship because of the Free Xbox Live Gold Weekend (Can you actually submit routes with no class limit? If no, PG needs to add it to offline play) only to lose to the submitters who didn’t actually submitted to thew newest one.

I think some of the liasons/PG Workers need to be fired or taxed with 100%.

That sounds really damn arrogant from PG, they first make rules and then they dont themself follow those rules.

Is one reason why pushing for a forum statement or address on it because then it is official where twitter is that persons opinion, and not representative of the community team.

I suspect is more to it than that consisting around a recent post by another team member stating that they cannot have contests which run from one month into another for “complex and boring legal policy” The routecomp2 was posted for january to feb 2. The three winners who actually entered posted early in january. Myself and others posted closer to deadline on feb1 and 2.

So my devils advocate is that this was a way to get winners in time for season 6 deadline without running into policy troubles backfiring if that is the case because it blindsided those of us who took contest seriously vs explaining the situation.

Every way I look and try to justify aways leads to having to be something behind the scenes. That comment at face value makes absolutely no justifiable or logical sense.

It’s blatant disrespect to those that took the time and effort to submit an entry. Various questions have been raised with several ‘employees’ but they don’t have the decency to respond. Then again, they are not obliged to respond but by taking this stance they lose credibility. ‘They’ are content with their decision, they feel no moral guilt and will happily sit back and allow the issue to be lost in time … it’s the modern way. Frankly I think we need a new link between 'them and ‘us’ someone as dedicated to the game as the day-in-day-out players that can share mutual respect and who has our trust, not a wannabeee bit-player that visits the game to go through the motions.

the whole episode stinks of indifference

rk2 by Dougie Muir, on Flickr

Happy for the winners but that’s too bad about the process. I (and I’m sure many others) appreciate the efforts of those of you putting time into creating fun routes.

Seems to me if they liked those previous tracks they should have featured them in some other capacity, not taken away winner slots from a different contest. It’s a bit unfortunate to have a public contest with meticulous formal rules spelled out, and then just override them with “well we felt like it”.

You hit my first thoughts right on the head when I figured out where these other entries came from. There was no reason to. Last contest had only four winners. But there have been now twelve custom routes in the championships. Just having your race champion featured is a hugely great feeling. In fact, seeing my race as a championship was massively more good feels than when I saw on stream I had the winning winter route for routecomp1

Side note, even that has been a bitter experience for me. It did take a while until we got our rewards. Problem is the reward car? I never got it. I did get a car, but it is locked saying I need some sort of DLC which I have all the available. Didn’t get that til middle of january though. Support ticket for that has been slowly progressing and three weeks later I bumped and get told it probably was an error and sent an unreleased car. Still waiting for that ferrari I have been wanting to race since I first saw it in the store. Still waiting… still waiting…

As mentioned to you on Twitter, within the second competition we felt that only some of the races were appropriate for what we were looking for to show on stream and there wasn’t as many entries compared to the first competition to choose from.
Alongside this, we also had some issues with some of the races within our system as we take them into a Dev build for stream purposes.

Because of all of this, we therefore had to choose some entries from the first competition to fill the gaps, especially as we decided to feature more races.
If we can, we try to feature as many as possible to give all the opportunities. The rules do state “The number of winners each contest is subject to change.”

We would have preferred to take all entries from the second competition but unfortunately couldn’t.

Sorry that this has confused many of you.

In terms of myself taking time to respond, I responded to your original tweet an hour after you tagged me. Bare in mind that this was outside of all studios working hours. I do my best to respond to everything even in my own time to try and help but I may not be able to reply straight away when it comes to late evenings.


(I’m now locking this thread as it’s answered and no further discussion is needed. If we do have another Route Creator competition, I’ll make sure moving forward that the rules are changed to reflect this clearer)