[ANSWERED] Crash on Launch / Startup

what is going on !! Game is crashing on launch i cant even play anymore .
It all worked normal a few days ago .

sign out of your Microsoft account, and sign out of the Xbox app. Reset the Xbox app, and then launch the game. It should work, prompting you to sign in again. Once you’ve done that, it should work fine

I`ve reset the app signed in and out still not working game keeps crashing at launch

open Start Menu, click settings (small cog in left side of menu), in the window that pops up, go to Apps. Scroll down until you find the Xbox app in the list and click it. A link should appear underneath that says Advanced. Click on that, and there will be a reset button, click it.

Did this and still not working , all worked fine a few days ago

Ok resetting did not work but uninstalling all addons and reinstalling them did the trick , its working again pfew…

I have same problem on XONE. Goes 5 - 8 races and after freez and crash to deskop without some crash report. What is wrong?

Hey guys, Thats a very interesting work around. Ill talk to the team about it.

Just FYI, I added a sticky for crashes.