[ANSWERED] Car Lost After Hitting Auction Limit

This is not the first time this happened:
While auctioning cars gotten from wheelspins from yesterdays ‘work’ I hit the auction limit and instead of keeping the car or getting it back it just disappeared.

Edit: I just checked and like when this happened in FH3 I now have an imaginary car in the garage. The number of cars shown is one higher than the number of cars I can see. This means I permanently lost a garage slot.

Please submit a support ticket.

I just did.

Please check my edit - lost garage space is annoying.

We’re currently investigating the “Ghostcar” issue.

OK I have further Information on this bug:

You can select the “ghost car” if you go in a race and select ‘change car’ but if you go to ‘my cars’ afterwards the “current car” tab is not there instead in my case I see ‘Abarth’.

So the car is definitely there but invisible.

I tried upgrading the car or selecting a new design to make it reappear - but that did not work.

If I find more I will let you know.

So I had some spare time and just tested Forza Horizon 3 and I have finally seen my ghost car (the one I had there) again by triggering the car select before a race. So it works there too. But sadly same as in FH 4 it is not visible as current car and becomes invisible again after selecting another car.

I thought a bid about this bug while taking a bath.

I will add some further Information:
In FH 3 the bug happened while reclaiming a car from an expired auction - so it is not exclusive to having too many auctions.

Both times I had at least two extra copies (because rare cars) of the car in my car list, dunno if this is an aspect of the bug.

So for me there seem to be two car lists → My cars and pre race select car screen.

It seems if you have too many auctions the car gets at least ‘send away’ from one car list and is only returning to one of the two lists.

When the bug happens if you reclaim a car it gets only registered in one of the lists.

It may have to do with auction house load because auctioning was slow when the bug happened. (Maybe many people were auctioning cars cause of the same reasons → festival playlist → many wheelspins)