[ANSWERED] Can't exit Forza on xbox.

Three times this has happened now and only on Forza 7.
I’m in the game and everything is fine, then i try to go to the home page and the home button doesn’t work. No home button, no switch off console. Nothing.
Only a hard reset will fix it and it’s only happening with Forza 7.
This is on the Xbox before anyone asks. So the problem isn’t differing hardware, it’s bad coding.

Its not just Forza that it is happening with is happening with Edge Browser, Forza 7, Woolfenstin 2 and um Netflix as well.

Have been getting problems like this since the updat by Microsoft for the Xbox One Google mail wont work in edge correctly keeps wanting to move mail arround😠 so not all Forza 7 fault this time.

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I’ve not had it in any other app, so for now i’ll keep watching it.

When I have had it happen I have just pressed the home button ever 30 seconds or so if that fails hold it down till shutdown window pops up then cancel and press the home button again has managed to show the menu after a few attempts of doing this.


We are looking into this.


Thanks Glitter.
That’s not a sentence i ever saw myself saying!
@Alan JT Doesn’t matter how long i do it for, menu never shows. My Xbox has to be turned off.

Also this has only been since latest patch. 03 Nov.

Sadly, lot’s of things went belly up since patch Nov 03.