[ANSWERED]Can't download gift cars . Parental control setting issue.

I never had a parental control setting for myself.
I’m the only person in the ‘family’.
But I couldn’t download my gift cars , saying it was blocked as per my parental control setting.

Please help!!

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Did you find any solution?

Same problem here.
I have no idea what is going on, I have tried to change all settings in my account that would possibly be a solution but I just can not solve it.

Set everything to default?

Please try change your privacy settings for “You can see and share content” to “Everyone” and try downloading the cars again? On your console, go to Settings>Account>Privacy & online safety>Xbox Live privacy>View details & customize>Game content>You can see and share content>Everyone.

Once you set the new settings, please close the game, reboot the console and try again. Let us know the outcome once you try these steps.