[ANSWERED] after reinstalling my game i lost everything :(

Hello yesterday 28-3-2019.

I had some problems with my steering wheel, it didnt response.
After i read some others post’s that had the same issue, they sad try to uninstall the game and reinstall it again.
To see if u can use the wheels after reinstalling.

And i did that, and it worked.

But not for my whole progress, i lost my save game, and all other progress i had.

After i run the game and synchronize it, everything was lost somehow, and i started with a new intro, when u fist start for the first time when are a new player.

How is it even possible, that when u reinstall the game, and u also lost your cloud save game?

So i have reading again and found out that many players have bin reported the same problems.

Why has this not bin fixed in 2019?

this should never be possible if they bin more careful with there clouds servers.
And information about when reinstall the game u will lose all progress.

Common deleting all cloud saves from reinstalling the game!!
i have playing for months i had a lott off cars and cash, also almost every car i had was tuned.
All is lost every thing for nothing.

I have maded a ticket about it and hope they can fix this some how.
My ticked =#30174 i hope they will look in to it.

For all readers out there!! plz becareful when u are going to delete/reinstall your game app, u will lose all progress.

nope you shouldn’t lose progress unless you don’t let the cloud save sync fully without interrupting it
seems most people choose the wrong save and that’s why they lose your progress

I have done it multiple times without a single issue on both xbox and pc

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Send in a support ticket at: https://support.forzamotorsport.net