Another lost soul looking for a club

Okay, I need a club of mature gamers who never intentionally wreck anybody who are just gaming to have fun, not as their sole reason for living.

My stats:

I’m 52 and started Forza at Forza 4.

I’m over level 400 on Horizon 2

I’ve got all of the achievements except the two co-op achievements, the bucket list achievements (although I’m almost there) and the achievement for playing 200 playground games (although I’m getting there).

My on line stats:

280 online races entered, 182 podium finishes, 70 online races won, 25% online win percentage, average finishing position of 3rd, 117 team races entered, 68 team races won for a team race win percentage of 58.1%. I’ve entered 58 online street races and have won 30 of them. I am beyond horrible at the playground games :smiley:

I am currently on team Wrecking Crew (W.C.) and they seem like nice folks, but nothing is really going on with them. I just signed up with them because the game recommended it when I decided to join a club for the first time.

So I figure I’d like to be in a club that is a little more involved, but not one of the REALLY good racing clubs where you have to be one of the top racers in the game, which I definitely am not.

Anyway, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Try my club, phoenix racing -PX-, we have mature gamers and younger ones from many countries. We like to race and chat and I also make nice designs and aggressive tunes. For anything from online freeroams or road trips. Still a new club but try us out i’m sure you’ll like it!

Try VLAR, I know they’re looking for more people.

It also never hurt to see if MORE OVEN has any spots, we’d love to have you.

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Come over to the Australian car group (Ftlb)
We do online cruises, drift comps and general races
Stats are great from what i can tell
No need to try out we are an open group with 2000+ members
Hopefully see you there.

I’m leader of VLAR check it out… less than 200 in the world now! :slight_smile: open club, feel free to join us. …:blush: the more the merrier! :+1::grinning:

Thanks all for the suggestions. Guess I’ll give VLAR a look if they’ll have me.

Thanks again!