Another Forzathon Live problem

This new problem happened to me twice today…I go to start the Live event like normal, but when I got there, the countdown timer said 28 minutes (we know it never has any more than 10 minutes on it), even though according to my watch it should have had about 5 minutes left. When it was (also according to my watch) time for the Live event to start, every other car but mine disappeared, and the round didn’t actually start for me (no announcement, FL blimp and start zone remained). About 30 seconds later, I see a bunch of cars appear on the map in the correct place for round 1, but when I go there I can’t see them in the game. All of this time, the Live event start zone hasn’t moved, and the timer is still counting down.

The second time, I got to the start zone with what should have been 8 minutes to go, but the countdown timer said 18 minutes. As always, other cars came to the start zone and we all waited. When my watch said it was at the hour (countdown timer said 10 minutes left), just like before all of the other cars waiting disappeared from view, only to reappear about 30 seconds later, but also like before, only on the map. I drove over and not one of them were visible in the game, but only on the map. I drive back to the start zone to see what happened when the timer ran down. At 7 seconds, the usual announcement came on, but when the timer hit zero, nothing happened, but the blimp and start zone stayed where they were. Keep in mind this all happened about 10 minutes AFTER the hour.

So, basically, it looked like all of the other cars were on the correct countdown timer and were able to start the Live event with no problems, but it left me behind with a buggered match timer that didn’t even start the round.

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Same moe than once

It will be an issue with your connection to the internet.
You are not syncing with other players properly. Check your ping.
Anything above 150 you will experience problems.

There is nothing wrong with my internet (ping averages in the 40’s), and even if there was, how could it cause the Forzathon Live event to have a 25 minute countdown timer, rather than the usual maximum of 10 minutes, and try to start at the totally wrong time? Why would online features function perfectly until the very moment the round is supposed to start?

Ever play offline or with somebody still stuck in the long opening? I did and had pic related happen. Yeah my only useless advice is to give it a hard reboot and pull the plug.
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Has happened to me quite a few times. Had to hard reboot the box and then everything was shiny again.

The only time the same things happen for me is when I go to Mixer from the Clubs option. When I return from Mixer it’s as though the internal clock of the Xbox has been comatose while I was away, thus misaligning the time. It doesn’t always happen, but the hard reset seems to be the only way to fix it, which is very annoying when you wanna grab those Forzathon points, as re-entering the game takes aaaaages.