Another FH2 Car Club, this time, SplashDamage

Well as you’ve probably read, FH2 is rewarding players more for racing in and with a car club. So we decided to make ours official, and open it up to people who want to join.

SplashDamage started on the original Forza Horizon, a bunch of friends who got together to socialise when online. Now we’re moving onto the next instalment. We are more social gamers than leaderboard hunters, but we do like to be pushing for the best times we can and having a good time on the way. We play all the modes of racing, but naturally each member has their own favourite that they’re good at.

We’re based in the UK, running on BST/GMT. Our members don’t have squeaky voices that grate like nails on a blackboard. We have members for both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Still interested, head over to our forum and have a look around. Sign up and you can see what we’re up to and the general banter that occurs.


add me up its cnnrcole