Annoying graphical glitch (cockpit view)

When in cockpit view, the numerical rev counter of some cars exhibit what seem to be a code page issue. The “dot” character separating the thousands from the hundreds is replaced by an “unknown/invalid character” character (the old square character).

The issue does not happen if the console is set to English but does happen with other languages (in this case French).

Not exactly a deal breaker but annoying nonetheless, as it displaces the “thousands” character which can (depending on the cockpit) overlap other dashboard elements.

To check this, simple, put the console in French language, Forzavista a formula E or the Lotus F1 (or run a race), go into the cockpit, start the engine and play with the gas pedal. When going above 1 thousand RPM, the weird character will be visible, and the x thousands rev character(s) will be misaligned with the rest of the display.

This issue was also present in FM5. Looks like no one noticed it (or bothered to fix it).

Well, I made my report.