Annoying Accolade Popup!

There’s this awful popup on my screen about an Accolade reward, and it won’t go away! Even if I do what it says, it won’t go away!
Could you plz help me get rid of it?

Popup text: Against The Current Follow the river upstream


I had that for like 3 straight weeks, notified support, and in 3 days I got an answer “is this still an issue?”
That was a super helpful answer.
I replied, yes, three days have gone by since I opened the ticket and it hasn’t gone away.
Like a week later they said they opened a ticket.
Then, about a week after that, it went away.
But, it was actually an ancient message from the first day of “drive into the sand storm” and it was checked off. Literally they released a patch and the message just came up after that.
So, when I did the university or whatever story and they have you drive into a sand storm, then that triggered it to go away.
Support was absolutely useless

Turns out I just pinned the Accolade reward, nothing special.