And still seasonal championship co-op is broken

This and other known issues but support tickets marked as solved get left as broken while the non issue but benefit the players get fixed so they no longer benefit the players, can we get an update as to when we can expect the known issues will be fixed?

And by update I don’t mean fobbed off with the standard they are working on it answer.

But no doubt this thread will just get merged deleted or whatever rather than provide a proper answer.

Even if they ‘fix’ it there’s a high chance no one will ever join you. I know that in FH4 no one never joined my request for co-op and I never saw a request for a championship. Or I didn’t noticed it was a request for it.

But I did a lot of those in FH5 while in convoy and didn’t had any problems so far. Maybe you should make a request trough looking for group or even better… make some gaming friends and race with them.

My honest opinion is that trying to ‘fix’ co-op is a waste of time since no one cares about it. Ok, no one except Dave.

On that theme : i was drifting the motorway in freeroam for skill points yesterday and got an ‘Ultimate Clean Racing’ bonus pop up.

FYI on the odd occasion that seasonal coop has worked there is alays a full lobby, its a few seasons ago it became broken, i did the waste of time thing of submitting a supprt tictket and got the usual fob off reply of its a know issue and your ticket has now been marked as solved which translates as go away stop pestering us we got your money so we are not bothered.

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Oh so its not deleted or closed but moved to where they can ignore it. :roll_eyes: :rofl: :+1:

Co-Op for Seasonal Championships didn’t work from day 1 of release. I have tried it and laughed about how busted it was. If you do a convoy with another player, then you can complete that championship in a private convoy. If you are alone and want to queue up for it, then forget it. 1/20 of the times it works and throws you into ANY car you are driving without giving car selection screen.

Exactly my point they ignore things like this, but fix non issues such as the monthly rivals giving everyone 4 points per season which no one complained about, they also stuffed up wheelspins, but something like co-op not working properly for the seasonal championships they ignore, I’m sure if you looked up the word incompetent in a dictionary it would say PGG dev team. :rofl: