An open letter to Turn 10/PGG

I am tired of receiving canned replies to my tickets and having them closed without resolution but canned responses that do not address my concern.
Also, among the games player base tends to a extreme sympathetic group towards the makers of FH5(which is a commercial product, consumers purchase, it is merchandise no different then say a TV or a Car, ect) I constantly read comments such as give the devs a break it is the holidays, or they been working hard, ect ect…
I am sorry folks, but If you bought a TV and it was defective, you would NOT say well, the manufacture has a lot on their hands these days and they will get around to fixing it, they are tired and it is the holidays. You would take it back to the store, explain the issue. At that point, if it was something on the custers end, they would help you sort it out. If the product was defective, they would fix it, or replace it and or provide a refund.

My issue is:
I paid for a product: the VIP pass. I am unable to determine if it is working or not.
I do NOT believe the VIP pass is providing the bonus’s that I am entitled to by purchasing this product
I would like either a refund of the product purchased, a speedy repair to the faulty product, and/or if you believe the VIP pass IS indeed working and giving me the bonus’s, I REQUEST an explanation as to HOW YOU can determine that it in fact working. Because as a consumer I can not.

A video game is no different then any other consumer product. If the product does not work, you take it back and you receive trouble shooting help in order to figure out the issue, if it is not an issue on the consumers side, one returns it for a refund, a replacement, or have it repaired
Please with all do respect (I am aware the tone of my message is slightly heated) But please, do not reply with a canned message. Nor move this comment and bury it in some long post feed, that nobody will read.
Be honest to your customers!
We all purchase your product because we enjoy and value it.