An online race where people try not to smash each other off the track?

I’ve tried googling this question with no luck, and this forum’s search feature keeps giving me errors. I’m sure the issue must come up a lot, but I haven’t been able to find an answer to this question. Maybe I’m using the wrong search terms? Anyway, I’d like to find a way to race online where people will pass you with at least a little effort not to smash you out of their way. I see stuff about private lobbies, but I don’t have enough racer friends to host one. Is there a way to apply for membership in one? Or is it a rite of passage to survive the public lobbies until you’re good enough to be in a league?

Bore, there’s no easy way around this. You will just have to get to know some people. I have met some great people over FM over the years. When you could have private lobbies open to other players in previous FM games was the best because you would get random people jumping into your game and you could make conversation.

Get over to the racer’s lounge section of this forum. There’s usually people looking for buddies.

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Wow, you guys, thanks so much for your help! Where to look for private races, better races to race in, and of course the reminder that there’s no easy way around it – it does sound like a rite of passage, of sorts. More help than I hoped for, thanks again to all.

Bore! Until now, everyone has called me GBB. I have a new and better name now, thanks!

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I’ve noticed there is less wrecking in ABC’S


Yeah. I played last week all week on the League lobby american muscle and had race after race with very little aggro.
Last night I went onto the new league in the P1 and it was carnage, un-playable to be honest. Once I got bored of the constant destruction I went ABC as I’ve always found it was quite civilised. I think it depends. One idea is to stick to particular times and lobby types.

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I’ve found this difference between last week & this week leagues too so far, I think it’s probably down to car class & driver skill.
B class are relatively easy to drive but it seems that a lot of drivers can’t handle high power R class cars.


+1 for multi class ABC’s, it’s all I’ve been racing for the past couple weeks. Seems to be far less carnage compared to a one class room. You still get some asshats in S class that simply can’t wait until the straight to pass you in your C or B class car and take you out, but for the most part it’s been really enjoyable.

I had a great race in S class with another guy the other night, he got an early jump then I reeled him in but then traffic got in the way. We worked through the traffic cleanly, while not distancing each other too much. After we cleared the traffic we had a good race and I passed him on the last lap… most fun I’ve had in ages on F6.


I find the ABCs weird. They’re strangely compelling and quit well-behaved, but even in a relatively full lobby you can spend a lot of time not actually racing anyone in your class 'cos there’s so few of you. And less full lobbies are totally pointless.

I’ve had many races where my only enjoyment has been seeing how many people in a higher class I can beat on laptimes.


I also find this quite amusing. I was in a B class car around Nurburgring the other week, and had the fastest time in the lobby. It made me chuckle.

My best effort was in a C class around Brand Hatch GP in the wet. 3rd fastest in a full lobby. Only two out of five S class cars went faster.

Probably a pretty low quality lobby, but still :slight_smile:

Yeah I had a lot of that tonight. First past the post most of the time no matter what class. I couldn’t quite get fastest lap from B though got close. was off by a second on Rio in one race.

Abcs have been great for me since they came in. Almost full lobbies all the time Mostly clean too. The only issue I’ve had is with A/S class guys who think they can ram slower cars off the road.
I’ve started to use my mic more and find it helps. It’s like talking gains you respect.


I think the mic makes a big difference. It’s not so much respect i think but more like it’s a reminder that a real person is at the other end of the xbox. There’s many times that a “sorry dude I suck at this track” or “hey man calm it down” has saved me from a ruined race. Not to mention the cool people you meet.

It is really insanity… I went into multiplayer a few days ago in a nascar race around silverstone…In first corner I was hit from every single possible direction no less then 3 times from each direction…Complete chaos…I mean winning doesnt mean you are the fastest in multiplayer,it means you got incredibly lucky or spun everyone in your path to get there…It will never change.Thats why I do iracing for serious racing…

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Work your way up into the pinnacle league, it’s good racing for the most part. The rest of the lobbies though, not so much.

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Problem with that is you have to a bit of racing in the hoppers to get your TrueSkill high enough to qualify for Pinnacle. And it would take even longer doing it in the leagues themselves (since you won’t come up against and have the opportunity to beat players with much higher TrueSkill scores).

One thing that amused me last week is that people sometimes try and hit you in ghost lobbies, although they didn’t have too much success :joy: Best advice is to try and befriend clean racers you meet along your forza journey

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A dirty casual tried to spin me out the other day, only to flee in terror at the sight of this guy flying overhead…

…the dirty casuals are afraid of white ducks?

The NASCAR leagues haven’t been very full but when you get with the right group of guys the racing is fantastic.