An extra car class for more flexibility

Okay so I feel like the only really big problem I have with FH3 is the PI system and car classes in general. The thing that bugs me the most though is the supercars/supercar level cars. Basically S1 and up. I feel like there’s not enough flexibility in the class system for these cars. A few examples would be the Lamborghini Aventador LP750, the Ferrari F12 TDF, and 2017 Ford GT.
These cars are really fun stock, but they start off as low S2 class cars, so they can’t really compete against their higher PI having peers without a lot of upgrades. And that’s where my problem comes in. The only thing you can really do to these cars is to just give them a ton of horsepower and basically turn them into speedsters.
I feel like that takes away their individual value and makes them boring straight line cars. If there was maybe another class above S1 but under S2 then one would be able to find a balance and upgrade these cars to compete in their own class without losing their individual value.
I was excited about driving these cars before the game released, but I barely use them at all and I definitely never seriously race them. Back in FH1 there was S, R3, R2, and R1. That probably wouldn’t work exactly as it was on there if it was like that on FH3, but what I’m getting at is the flexibility the game had. If I wanted to upgrade an S class car like, say, a 458 Italia. I could upgrade it to the next class and still balance it out to be a great car by making it an R3. But in FH3 if I want to actually upgrade a 488 GTB I can only make it into an S2 class car with really unbalanced speed and handling. As I said before this is the only thing that really bothers me about FH3, and in my opinion I feel it would be perfect if it weren’t for this.

Or maybe some sort of different classes for offroad and onroad cars? Instead of ending up having a giant truck in a class full of koenigseggs, bugattis and lambos.
Like an O1 and O2 and R1 and R2 like you said, (Except more towards your liking, like the R1, R2 and R3)

I didn’t even think of that. Since they’re taking the offroad to new levels that would be really good too. This is the only Horizon game that I’ve liked Offroad on, so I actually like the sound of that.