AMD RX 480/580 superior to NVIDIA GTX 1080 in FH3

Hello everyone,
after one of the latest patches (around April) for the first time FH3 ran completely smooth on my System (RX 480 8GB + i7700k + 16 gb DDR4). I recently tested the game with an RX 580 8GB and again everything about the game was smooth with locked 70 fps on a FreeSync monitor (high settings 1440p).
About a week ago I replaced the RX 580 with a NVIDIA GTX 1080 and even though FH3 now runs at 110-130 fps on a G-sync monitor (144hz 1440p high settings) very frequent stutters occure that absolutely disrupt the smooth expirience that the previously installed AMD GPUs could deliver.

My 470 still gives me a few stutters here and there, and I’m running medium settings at 30fps in 1080p. I guess that extra VRAM makes all the difference.

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I’m on GTX 1080 and after recent game updates I have to cap FPS at 72fps from in-game options due to increased stuttering rate (which is caused by the increased average fps but lack of improvement min. fps wise).

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I tried capping at 72 as well and the stutters weren’t as noticable as with 144 but the smoothness is still nowhere near where it was with the AMD cards. I monitored the i7 and when deactivating HT it was clearly visible that all four cores were frequently hitting 100% load. I proceded with OCing from 4.5ghz to 5.0ghz but this didn’t seem to improve anything (temperatures are also fine). I’m not sure whether or not they hit 100% with the AMD cards but I can’t imagine they did since there were absolutely no stutters at all.
Still it seems as if the issue is related to the cpu load. Whenever I drive through a speed/drift zone there is one really big stutter as the speed/score counter appears (loads through CPU i guess) at the start.

Make sure you remove the ATI drivers. The current iterations have a software conflict that can cause some issues.

I double checked but the issue persists :confused: