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Hi guys! I’ve preordered the digital download version of the game from Amazon and I was wondering when do they send the download code. Is it near the release date or should I’ve gotten it immediately after buying?
I’m a bit lost with this because I’ve never bought any game on Amazon before and 100 USD is quite a bit of money for me.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve also preordered the game through Amazon. I’ve never preordered a digital game through them either. The instructions on the order say the game will be available on September 29 at 12am US Pacific and that they will send an email when the game is available for download. No preload window which is kind of a bummer but it’s ok, I have to work all day anyways.


Might be beating a dead horse here but, you guys know if you have prime (and there’s a discount for it on prime day) you save 20 on it if it’s physical? That;'s what i’m gonna do! Just tossing that info out there if folks didn’t know how much off. Haven’t got the physical since forza 4, felt it was a good time to return.

As for how the digital works
you get a code sent on release day, you put that code into your system. The code is also stored in your games library on amazon. It should be emailed to you as well like cards and such. If not look in your games library. Don’t know an exact time but you’ll get it on release day

Everyone including non prime members were able to purchase FM7 digital for $80 during E3 window just like FH3 on Amazon. Yes that offer is no longer on the table but it was there for a short time and a great deal.

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I have prime and this is VERY COOL benefit of that program, going way beyond 2 day shipping and Amazon Prime movies! So yeah, this is where I order all of my racing games in disk format for me. $20 of any Forza game is just SWEET!

Wasn’t that a pricing error? Like the MS store had the ultimate for 60 for a bit? If not… well then!

Still $79.99 with prime.
(Not sure about this though) My total at checkout is $68.99 with prime. I was going to get mine from gamestop since you get the cool diecast car, but I couldn’t justify the extra $40. The total with tax is $107.99! I’ll get the car on ebay if I want it that bad.

Even if it was a pricing error and might have been since the Ultimate edition was afterwards unavailable for purchase for several days, that price is still being honored by Amazon and is still displayed under my orders. So $79.99 if you ordered then. I got the digital this time to take advantage of play anywhere. It’s going to be weird for me because all my other Forza games except one are physical copies.

For Horizon 1, I bought a two dollar game, Stoked, used at GameStop. Inside was a card with a Horizon 1 code. I thought no way is this going to work and it did. At the time the game was still $30 used at the store.


I figured it was all just mess up so I stayed away thinking the order would be all screwed up. I would’ve got the digital then. But I’ve never had a steel book for Forza so that’s new. They play anywhere is nice, wish I could run it on my laptop but not quite heh. Definitely useful though if you can. Knowing my luck I’ll find a deal on a better deal with a PC that can and be outta luck with the physical not having play anywhere haha.

You got a good deal with Horizon 1! Heh.

BrassiestBard 9 – you’ll get it now for sure :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your answers! I haven’t bought it digital because I’m a PC player, and the physical copy doesn’t have the play anywhere feature. Also, I live outside US and as far as I know Amazon won’t ship here, so digital code it is.
I’ll have to wait until release date then.

Your comment is a little unclear on this but I figure it’s worth mentioning. You state that you haven’t bought it digital because you are a PC player. If things are the same as FH3 (probably will be) there won’t ever be a physical copy for PC, digital will be the only way to get it. The physical copy is not just missing the play anywhere feature, it’s also X1 only.

As for your code, if you pre-order you may (I stress the ‘may’) get it before the release date so that you can preload. That’s what Amazon UK did with FH3, but even then you won’t get a code until shortly before the full release and the game has gone gold. If you know you are definitely getting the game then you may as well pre-order the digital version of your choice. You aren’t losing out and it may allow you to get the bulk of the game early. Personally, I’ll be pre-ordering for PC at the beginning of September. Not sure who with yet.

I haven’t used any proxy, just a regular Amazon account that I’ve previously used to buy things and then ship them to a US address where a friend lives (It’s in New Jersey) a while ago. In fact, all you need is an US address, then you can use any credit card. For example I used my credit card (I’m from Argentina) and had no problem at all in buying this or buying physical stuff like t-shirts or sunglasses (That I got shipped later to my frind’s house).
Just like in NZ, the Argentinean Microsoft Store charges 30% over the original pricetag of the game, an amount I’m not willing to pay. I just don’t know why don’t they do like Steam and charge “global” prices everywhere, it’d be easier for them and people would be happy just to pay the actual price.

Oh yeah, you are right, I made a mistake when typing my message. I didn’t buy a physical copy because I’m a PC player and, as you stated, the physical is XB1 only.
Regarding the code, on the amazon web says that they will send me the code on release day, although I’m expecting it earlier (Maybe a couple of days) to preload it. I bought FH3 shortly before the pre-order release and had no problems with it, so I think there’s no real difference between buying it now or closer to the release date. That is, unless you live in a country where the exchange rates between dollars and your currency, change constantly, which is what happens to me =( And that’s why I bought it now…

Cool. I figured that you probably did know and it was just the way you worded it, but better safe than sorry.
Yeah, buying it now or nearer the early release date makes zero difference unless you have reasons like you state. Last year I got FH3 through Game UK because I liked the bonus car. I was disappointed that they didn’t send the code until the day (later in the day as well), yet I had been reading for several days of Amazon users getting theirs early. This time I’ll be using Amazon, whatever the bonus car is.

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Of course it’s better to clear things out, specially if someone who doesn’t know how this works, reads this later.
Regarding bonus cars, I just hope everything works well (For PC users) from day 1… Unlike FH3. Although I haven’t had any issues with FH3, performance or “bonus”-wise, I don’t discard the fact of being lucky this time. I suppose the MS/T10 learned their lesson with FH3, that now works well (Or at least I haven’t heard much complains like those first months of the game)

how did you buy digital outside of US?

i really want forza 7 but im not prepared to pay the insane prices on Microsoft store in my country (NZ) which retails the game at atleast 20$ than every other new release. i have been thinking about using a proxy to buy it through US amazon store but am worried it will be region locked when i use code??

anyone got any info/experience with this.

Dont forget about the GST you have to pay that would increase price by abour 20 bucks or so, is same in Australia with our 10% GST plus the exchange rate difference.