Amazing Game - Very happy so far, Thanks Playground

I played the demo and I was amazing how smooth and stable it ran on my Win10 PC, especially after the problems with FH3 and F7 at launch.
Got the full game yesterday via Game Pass and it rans as good if not better than the demo.
Most importantly, it is so much fun and I love the UK setting. I live in a village in the South East of England and driving around FH4 reminds me of many of the great driving roads where I live.
The handling of the cars feels right with an arcade twist and I love the way the different seasons affect the road surface and grip levels.
I just can’t wait to finish work so I can get back into the game.

Amazing work from Playground and thank you for your obvious hard work…oh yeah and thank you for PGR2 references in Edinburgh. That put a massive smile on my face.


you’ve obviously played little and nothing at all in online mode. Here is the biggest problem.
of course, I admit that the game has great potential, but also large gaps

Geez stop hijacking threads. If you have a different opinion that is fine, but this thread is someone who enjoys the game, you can start your own thread to bash it if that’s what you want to do.

Someone expresses their opinions, so I can mine, and what brings your post to the topic?

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