Amazed and Humbled by the Forza Community

me and a buddy were playing on one of the Forza games this morning, he is just starting out in the franchise, is eager and willing to put the time in to learn and want to play all the time…hence the 2 to 5 AM racing!
we are getting on in the lobbys, when of a sudden, a soft scottish voice comes over game chat, and common ground takes over.
he shared some cars and wisdom freely(as it usually is) and we played on.
this common community, this shared enjoyment made possible by Turn Ten, amazes me to no end, ime glad there is a place for us here on the web!
my new clubbys share the highest enthusiasm for the game, and meeting others of the same ilk is amazing
with so many good will abassadors, willingly or unconciously who play, I think that Forza will be a generational game.
good on you my Forza Bretherein!

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Glad you are enjoying your experience in Forza! As gaming communities go, this is indeed one of the best. Whether on a forum or in game, there is always someone willing to help out anyone in need. Some of my best on line friends I’ve met in Forza.