Am i winning or losing?

Guys I’m new here and i have just experienced some of the most weird problems, i just played a Team Adventure game and we were on 2-1 and I’m pretty sure we won the last round and it gave the win to the other team! Another thing is my opponents are drastically overpowered even though they have same vehicles as me most of the time, the continuous disconnections even though my WiFi is working strongly. It’s beginning to give me stress even though my love for this game is unreal! Can anyone tell me what’s going on?

I don’t do team adventures but if its anything like the trials, its based on points. If you win by slim margins and the third race you lose by a large one, it could happen, and has happened to me on Trials before against an AI team. I’m assuming its based on points…

This is wrong. If you win the first two races in the trial 1850-1800 and then lose the last one 0-3650 you will still win 2-1 overall. It’s on individual wins not aggregate points.

As for the original post, it’s impossible to know what happened without seeing it. My guess is that there was a late change of position so that your team did actually lose. If your team had more points it should have got the win and I’ve never seen that not occur.

My own guess of what is happening:
The thread managing end of race board and the one managing which team won screen are two different things. Both rely on the race result which is updated depending on people leaving the race, like seeing the race board and leaving … the two processes are expected to use the same data but they are calculated with a time gap, very few ms are enough. this gap causes people leaving having an effect on the result displayed.
Again, I have not seen the code but I would be very surprised that something very approaching is not happening. Adding that winter tire filter bug demonstrates that it would not be the first occurrence of this kind of mistake.

Last minute switch in points?

If the second race was close to the first in the last race, then the total race time is used for the final evaluation and not the finish line.

sometimes you can see that a player is more likely to start than himself. This time, this lead, will be corrected later when you cross the finish line. In other words, if you get directly and very close behind this player, you will ultimately be in front of him.

In trials, I’ve seen the human team get the win dispite having a lower point total. This typically happens when a lot of the drivatars don’t finish the race. So maybe something similar happened in you game?


It doesnt matter how strong is your wifi. Its still wifi, and wifi is not recommended to play any online game. Specially one like FH4. You probably will do fine many times, but others you are going to experience connection problems. You cant expect anything else as long as you play using wifi.